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Cheryl had it coming. Talentless, over-hyped upstart. She believed her own press. How foolish was that?! Most of us could see she was on a hiding to nothing when she thought she could "break" America. She thought the big noise she garnered here could be replicated over yonder. BIG FAIL. As you say, we are taught not to rejoice at other people's misfortunes and , certainly, that is not whant I'm doing. However, I don't feel sorry for her. I don't like her mainly because of what she did to the toilet attendant and the fact she was, effectively, given a slap on the wrist for such bad behaviour. And she showed no remorse. Well, her chickens have come home to roost. No good deed goes unpunished. She had it coming but hey, I'm sure she'll bounce back. And, she's welcome to cAshley Cole. Who'd have him? Shio.
Oh and as for Will.I.Am. Mschewww is all I have to say.