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1. why do white women spend hours in the sun or use fake sun tan to get brown or darker, like black women.

You got the notion wrong. Tanning is often to get a balanced overall complexion. If its for cosmetic purpose,girls would choose a tone towards bronze like jessica alba instead of dark brown or black. After all, these girls are not trying have black peoples' skin tone.

2. why do white women use Botox to get rid of their wrinkles, cos from what I remember black don't crack

Bullshit. All of us will have wrinkles naturally as we age. Unless you are trying to imply 'our cracks cant be seen in a dim-lit area'

3. why do white women inject their lips and their buttocks with I have no idea what, to make them bigger

More often than not, massive lips are due to botched surgeries. Even if people really WANT to have such thick lips, its their twisted ideal. Who wants a fat ass by the way? Dont you always hear girls asking, "does my ass look fat?"