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Some of the reasons why people in this survey saw black women as less attractive is cause the survey was done in a overwhelmingy white majority society, which means your going to see more good looking white people every day than any other race cause of their being more of them( whites) and some parts of the UK as well as the US you will not see a black face, plus being in a white majority society also means, all around us we are inundated daily with loads of images of very attractive white women, as they are in the West seen as the epitome of beauty and the problem with that stance is that most black women look so radicaly different to this beauty ideal feature wise and skin complexion.
Then theres the influence from America as we see alot of Americans shows and movies and as well as giving us yet more images of beautiful white women, when they do show attractive black women they are usually light skinned, mixed race or almost European looking, whilst dark skin black women with typical black features only get a look in if their average looking, obese or unattractive, .
He also said in his research that black men were not seen as less attractive, could that also be down to the fact that there has always been more images of attractive black men with typical black features even those who are dark skinned.
So people have over time been conditioned to associate beauty with what is constantly shown to them as being attractive, whilst associating unattractiveness with what is shown as unattractive and people have become use to this so you see its not a level playing field cause if attractive black women with typical black features were given more of a chance particularly those with dark skin, maybe over time we'd have got used to them by now.