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I would like to respond to Burt; White women tan to get an "overall balanced complexion", what a joke! first of all Black is Beautiful in all shades and we do come in all shades, from light skin, bronze, mocha, choclate. Now I don't care which shade of black these white women are going for, nor does it matter, the fact is they are trying to get away from pale, boring white. 2. It is a medical fact that people of color, mostly african americans do not wrinkle and get crows feet and all those ugly lines. Ask your dermatologist. That's where the "good black, don't crack" came from. That phrase started way back in slavery. 3. Who wants a fat ass?..No, the question is who wants a "FLAT PASTY WHITE AZZ". I don't know, why do men go ga ga over Jenifer Lopez and any other woman with a round shapely behind? Because it looks better than a flat pancake one?...If the truth hurts, say ouch!