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Shows how insecure (and stupid) you are by having to make all these comparisons to whites. Why not include latino, red, and asian in your masterful argument? No, you have to single out whites in your argument, because you know caucasians are an easy target in today's PC world.

Your logic is BS too. Asian men will find caucasian, asian and latino women attractive. Same for caucasian men, and also very often black men!

Asian men rarely find overly-masculine black women attractive, same goes for caucasian men, and mostly for latino men as well.

So just deal with it... that is how evolution turned out. Black women are often just manly looking or fat -- and almost always arrogant and angry. We had one crew-cut black woman screaming and ranting away in her car today because she felt like we were too close to her ratty old corvette (she was nearly in the middle of the road). Really looked like he she was about to go "ape". So are us to blame for pointing out what we non-blacks see? If black women want to be thought of as more beautiful, they really need to control their nasty behavior -- you'd be surprised how much that counts for beauty...

We ain't anglo by the way :)