Monday, 25 April 2011

Keep It Hot This Summer

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By Yusuf Orekan

Summer is one of the nation's loved seasons and it's that time where once again it's on its way. On those occasions where the sun does actually grace us with beaming heat it's only natural that you too are also going to want to look and feel hot.

So ladies, with a few recommendations and suggestions your wardrobe shall be giving the sun some competition this summer as you're assured to be looking hot hot hot!

Not only is it stylish and sexy to show a little skin when out in the heat but it's also comfortable and good for the skin to an extent so some nice shorts will do you wonders in all those departments.

ASOS have a lovely range of shorts varying from leather and denim to jersey all at good price ranges.

The following really caught my eye:

ASOS Print Denim Frayed Hot Pants - £25.00
You can never go wrong with denim. It'll always be in fashion and as long as it isn't too cold outside you can wear these all year round.

ASOS Bird Oriental Jersey Cullotes - £15.00
Pastel colours are great for summer and these shorts are perfect for any occasion, they can easily be worn casually but easily jazzed up for a night out with accompanying outfits and accessories.

Pleat Jersey Short - £20.00 (in colours cabolt, bright orange and black)

Now surely you're going to want to add some style up top to contribute to your already hot looking shorts right? Why not take a gander at the next list of suggestions for nice tops and vests as we head over to the New Look side of things.

New Look Fringe Vest - £6.99
Plain tops go with everything literally whether its denim or leggings so you can never go wrong with plain and simple tops. This New Look Fringe Vest is very stylish with a unique design.

New Look Button Crop T Shirt - £5.99 (in colours bright pink and white)
Crop tops are a big hit this season. They don't all have to be worn without something underneath so if you're worrying about showing a bit of flesh remember you can always wear a plain top underneath.

New Look Slubby Cut Out Top - £8.99 (in colours white, light brown, jade, airforce, bright pink, orange).
With the amount of colours available you can always find that perfect outfit. This New Look Slubby Cut top is ideal for hot weather as it's loose and comfortable and perfect for casual wear.

Every girl knows that no outfit is complete without shoes so let's take a look at some nice summery vibed footwear once again courtesy of New Look.

New Look Floral Espadrille Shoes - £6.99 (in colours black and fuchsia)The flowers are blossoming and floral print is never outdated. Floral print looks best against plain clothing.
New Look Knotted Strappy Sandals - £14.99 (in colours gold and tan)
Simple yet elegant. Many people will be wearing sandals during summer to keep their feet cool and breezy so try wearing a pair that stands out from the usual like these.

New Look Leather Plaited Sandal - £14.99 (in colours oatmeal, coral and black)

New Look Cut Out Flats - £17.99 (in colours petrol blue, coral and cream)

New Look Flower Printed Ballet - £12.99 (in colours blue and coral)

Well ladies we could stop right there but what about sunglasses? I mean it is summer. Let's quickly head back to ASOS and check out what stood out in their sunglasses range.

ASOS Mango Opaque Square Sunglasses - £23.00 (in colours black and nude)

ASOS Leopard Print Retro Sunglasses - £12.00

And that is your fashion tips and suggestions complete! No doubt with any of the items above you shall be looking like a stunner in the summer. All clothing complement each other and are also very complementary to other outfits, so if you happen to be on one of the high streets shopping or browsing online, keep any of the above in mind and be creative, mix and match, look at bright colours. For example, the ASOS Print Denim Frayed Hot with a nice purple top. Or the New Look Button Crop T Shirt with a light blue skirt maybe. The possibilities are endless and hopefully the above suggestions inspire them.
Remember, you look hot already, but these outfits shall add coal to the fire.

Yusuf Orekan