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Its Official Black Women are the Least Attractive in the World - Says A Professor.

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Sitting in my office and the phone rings and it is the BBC asking if I can do a series of radio interviews to discuss, read on...

I know that people sometimes say that I love to deal with controversial issues, now regardless of whether you agree with this or not, I did not make up the story below.

It has been scientifically proven that BLACK WOMEN ARE LESS ATTRACTIVE THAN OTHER RACES.

A psychologist Satoshi Kanazawa (from the London School of Economics, LSE) wrote a blog which was featured on the US based Psychology Today website on May 16. YOU CAN READ THE FULL ARTICLE BY CLICKING ON THIS LINK

This is not the first time that this professor has come up with such controversial views as previously he claimed that sub Saharan Africans have poor health simply because they have low IQ’s and not because they are poverty stricken (please before you start attacking me, I did not say this, a professor that has nothing to do with his life, said it).

Now his scientific evidence was deduced by doing a survey of men and women across the races who were asked to rate each other’s attractiveness. Black women scored the least, even though they marked themselves highly. Now if this a scientific research then I can do one and ask anyone I am going out with if they think I am the most handsome man in the world while holding a pair of Jimmy Chow shoes in my hand, saying its there’s if they say yes. In most cases if you ask a Chinese man who he thinks are the most beautiful women in the world, the likelihood is that he would say that Chinese women are and the same for a Swedish man whom  would say Swedish women are the most beautiful. Even though I don't have a PhD, even I can figure out that his scientific research is flawed. PS I want to go to the university he went too to apply for a PhD as it seems they were just giving them out without having to do any work.

Now not everyone at the LSE is dumb or possibly bought their PhD, as Professor Paul Gilroy, a sociology lecturer at the LSE and author of seminal text There Ain’t No Black in the Union Jack, said: ” Among the criticisms was his motivation for the research, the lack of scientific grounding and a lack of context. He did not explore the idea that women were measured against the dominant European ideals of beauty”.

I thought sometimes that I rocked the boat a little but Kanazawa’s slogan on his website says ‘prepare to be offended’. If you are a professor why did you have to seek cheap fame.

Ladies (white & black) read this. He says:

After musing it had nothing to do with black women’s ‘lower IQs’, or because they were ‘much heavier on average’ than women of other races, he added: ‘The only thing I can think of that might potentially explain the lower average level of physical attractiveness among black women is testosterone. ‘Africans on average have higher levels of testosterone than other races… Women with higher levels of testosterone have more masculine features and are therefore less physically attractive.’

Let me brake the above down for you as to what he is trying to say in plain people language – according to professor Kanazawa the reason why black women are considered ugly is because you have to much testosterone so we black men have been deceived for so long, when we thought we were chatting up a black woman we were in fact chatting up a woman going on a man and those of you that have big butts, big thighs and big arms have higher levels of testosterone – so you are not even woman going on man you are a man. Sorry I forgot to also say that he is saying you are all fat (‘much heavier on average’ than women of other races). The only I am not sure of is he using ‘African’ for just African women or all black women?

Unfortunately FF will not allow me to swear and put cuss words in my blog, but my expletives have been long and extremely colourful. This is such a crock of S*~t that I have ever read. As for me I am very partial to black women and if it means they have too much testosterone and that is why they have big butts and big thighs etc (which I must quickly add not all black women have big butts and big thighs), can someone send me the testosterone gene so that I can pump some more black women with it so that they would look even finer than they already do.

I will leave you with this (and this is nothing against my white sisters),

  • why do white women spend hours in the sun or use fake sun tan to get brown or darker, like black women 
  • why do white women use Botox to get rid of their wrinkles, cos from what I remember black don't crack
  • why do white women inject their lips and their buttocks with I have no idea what, to make them bigger

All of the above are what the worlds least attractive women have naturally – I say no more.

It is also very sad that over 15,000 people on Facebook "like" the article. 


  • Comment Link Proud To be Black Saturday, 18 November 2017 17:12 posted by Proud To be Black

    Your just jealous of their big butt and boobs...God bless Black Women..and others women not like you!!

  • Comment Link Person Saturday, 10 December 2016 08:32 posted by Person

    In answer to ur white women questions:
    1.Not everyone tans for that reason, some just don't like being pale (don't know why) and others such as me, just wish to be more resistant to the sun.
    2. U may not wrinkle as much, but u definitely age, ive noticed that white skin just tend to wrinkle and black skin tends to age if u get what i mean like. And having botox has nothing to do with black features, that's just not wanting to wrinkle.
    3. Yes ur right why do white women get lip injections, but can i add its not just whites and that some white people can actually have big-ish lips naturally (uncommon but still) and the big butt thing, again they do it cos men prefer it and whats that gotta do with black women, u don't have bigger butts at least thats what i see, the only women ive seen so many people with big butts (for their body) of any race or gender.

  • Comment Link ccc Sunday, 16 September 2012 10:58 posted by ccc

    Shows how insecure (and stupid) you are by having to make all these comparisons to whites. Why not include latino, red, and asian in your masterful argument? No, you have to single out whites in your argument, because you know caucasians are an easy target in today's PC world.

    Your logic is BS too. Asian men will find caucasian, asian and latino women attractive. Same for caucasian men, and also very often black men!

    Asian men rarely find overly-masculine black women attractive, same goes for caucasian men, and mostly for latino men as well.

    So just deal with it... that is how evolution turned out. Black women are often just manly looking or fat -- and almost always arrogant and angry. We had one crew-cut black woman screaming and ranting away in her car today because she felt like we were too close to her ratty old corvette (she was nearly in the middle of the road). Really looked like he she was about to go "ape". So are us to blame for pointing out what we non-blacks see? If black women want to be thought of as more beautiful, they really need to control their nasty behavior -- you'd be surprised how much that counts for beauty...

    We ain't anglo by the way :)

  • Comment Link Kathryn Monday, 30 July 2012 14:15 posted by Kathryn

    I would like to respond to Burt; White women tan to get an "overall balanced complexion", what a joke! first of all Black is Beautiful in all shades and we do come in all shades, from light skin, bronze, mocha, choclate. Now I don't care which shade of black these white women are going for, nor does it matter, the fact is they are trying to get away from pale, boring white. 2. It is a medical fact that people of color, mostly african americans do not wrinkle and get crows feet and all those ugly lines. Ask your dermatologist. That's where the "good black, don't crack" came from. That phrase started way back in slavery. 3. Who wants a fat ass?..No, the question is who wants a "FLAT PASTY WHITE AZZ". I don't know, why do men go ga ga over Jenifer Lopez and any other woman with a round shapely behind? Because it looks better than a flat pancake one?...If the truth hurts, say ouch!

  • Comment Link Ryon Christie Saturday, 22 October 2011 18:57 posted by Ryon Christie

    Some of the reasons why people in this survey saw black women as less attractive is cause the survey was done in a overwhelmingy white majority society, which means your going to see more good looking white people every day than any other race cause of their being more of them( whites) and some parts of the UK as well as the US you will not see a black face, plus being in a white majority society also means, all around us we are inundated daily with loads of images of very attractive white women, as they are in the West seen as the epitome of beauty and the problem with that stance is that most black women look so radicaly different to this beauty ideal feature wise and skin complexion.
    Then theres the influence from America as we see alot of Americans shows and movies and as well as giving us yet more images of beautiful white women, when they do show attractive black women they are usually light skinned, mixed race or almost European looking, whilst dark skin black women with typical black features only get a look in if their average looking, obese or unattractive, .
    He also said in his research that black men were not seen as less attractive, could that also be down to the fact that there has always been more images of attractive black men with typical black features even those who are dark skinned.
    So people have over time been conditioned to associate beauty with what is constantly shown to them as being attractive, whilst associating unattractiveness with what is shown as unattractive and people have become use to this so you see its not a level playing field cause if attractive black women with typical black features were given more of a chance particularly those with dark skin, maybe over time we'd have got used to them by now.

  • Comment Link Burt Friday, 24 June 2011 11:30 posted by Burt

    1. why do white women spend hours in the sun or use fake sun tan to get brown or darker, like black women.

    You got the notion wrong. Tanning is often to get a balanced overall complexion. If its for cosmetic purpose,girls would choose a tone towards bronze like jessica alba instead of dark brown or black. After all, these girls are not trying have black peoples' skin tone.

    2. why do white women use Botox to get rid of their wrinkles, cos from what I remember black don't crack

    Bullshit. All of us will have wrinkles naturally as we age. Unless you are trying to imply 'our cracks cant be seen in a dim-lit area'

    3. why do white women inject their lips and their buttocks with I have no idea what, to make them bigger

    More often than not, massive lips are due to botched surgeries. Even if people really WANT to have such thick lips, its their twisted ideal. Who wants a fat ass by the way? Dont you always hear girls asking, "does my ass look fat?"

  • Comment Link WHITEMAN MARRIED TO A BLACK WOMAN Saturday, 21 May 2011 23:20 posted by WHITEMAN MARRIED TO A BLACK WOMAN

    I commend your 'RE:Article.

  • Comment Link Timi O2 Thursday, 19 May 2011 10:02 posted by Timi O2

    Hear hear!


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