Thursday, 19 May 2011

Trend 2011

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By Noon Ali

Hair Trends

The ponytail makes a comeback, from casual daytime to evening glamour!

Take a look at some celebrities rocking the hairstyle this spring! It's easy and quick and requires no technique at all! A simple tie back look can go a long way!


Floppy hats

Although I would probably only ever wear one on holiday, FLOPPY HATS are all the rage right now! All the celebrities are wearing them from Kimmy K to Leona Lewis! If I remember correctly it was J.Lo who started off the trend in her "Jenny from the block days" *sigh* and it didn't really stick around for long, but this time I think it may be around for at least two seasons this year! Although it is a hippy boho look, it also has that classic feminine feeling to it. It's fantastic for when the suns out but it's also good for those "I'm running late but my hairs a hot mess" days
Below are a couple of the best ones I've found, take a look and leave a comment



 The range of hats above are available from the following outlets, New Look £14.99, American Apparel £29, ASOS £20, ASOS £25, River Island £19.99, River Island £20, River Island £24.99