Friday, 27 May 2011

Is It Wrong to be Black & Dark Skin?

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I came across this video and i thought that the topic was interesting especially as i thought that we had got pass this. I am wondering if this is an African American thing or it actually is a worldwide phenomenon.

Synopsis of this Documentary Trailer

This documentary is something that we all should watch... It really made me think and try to search inside of myself . I want to be different. I want to make a change even If that change has to happen IN ME FIRST. Even if you don't want to watch this video. Just think... think about how you could make a difference in our community and work as a unit. unite as one people..... IGNORING IT DOESN'T SOLVE IT...!

Film to Premier in October at the International Black Film Festival in of the whole video is not available yet.

The synopsis above was taken from the information on the video, I dont really get what they are trying to say but the trailer itself says a lot.