Wednesday, 01 June 2011

It's Ok To Call Me "N*gger" So Long As You Say Sorry?

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This story may have passed some of you by, even though it has received some substantial coverage within the media but as always let me give you the lowdown just in case you missed it. 

A celebrity hairdresser by the name of James Brown (no relation to the Godfather of Soul), called stage school founder Ben Douglas a "n*gger" and his female companion a "n*gger's bitch" before proclaiming that 'a lot of my cousins have been with blacks' at the recently concluded Bafta awards ceremony.

Wait a minute before you get yourself in a frenzy and get all self righteous, as we all have called people names that we should not have either due to anger or as in this case alcohol. Let me touch on the alcohol issue here very quickly. In response to his outburst James Brown said that alcohol was to blame. I am not a drinker and never have been but one of the things that I have seen from people that drink alcohol is that it normally gives people the courage to say what they really think. I will leave you to interpret what I feel what this means.

Anyway back to my issue at hand which are two things in particular. Boots the chemist carry a wide array of his products in their stores and Boots being an upstanding public focused company is considering terminating his contract with them – well done boots for even thinking about doing it even though we know you won't do anything, but the sad thing is that they stated as of yet the company had not received any customer complaints. I know I sound like an old record that is scratched and keeps repeating itself (sorry for the younger generation, this is the equivalent to your MP3 player or Ipod continuously repeating the same words in a song over and over again), but this is an indication that it is acceptable to call us "n*gger" as we never complain about things.

The second issue and for me this is the crux of the matter, the Evening Standard reported that a source close to the hairdresser said "he has apologised and that should be the end of the matter". Come on, are you saying that I can go on the streets of London and proclaim that the Jews deserved what they got during the Holocaust and so long as I apologise afterwards all is forgiven, get real I will never get a knighthood or get a job of any substance not just in the UK but in the world – ok slight exaggeration I would get a job in Nigeria. We all know what happened to John Galliano when he allegedly made comments about Jewish people, not only was he sacked from his own label but he is also facing trial in France for his comments which he made during a drunken state at a restaurant. In England because James Brown has apologised we are told that's that.

No one reading this should get upset about him calling someone a "n*gger" as it is our fault because when things like this happen we never complain.

Hold on, none of you should even think about saying "what about you, what do you do to change things"? I will spell it out for you as to what i do to push for change - I write about it and due to my rantings I put my future MBE, OBE or CBE at risk and I also get on the radio and talk about such issues and put my potential non executive directorships that I am vying for in my dreams with the top fashion houses and other blue chip companies in jeopardy, so Ii am paying the price for being upfront and centre about such issues.

Moving on from me unashamedly begging & seeking recognition from the British establishment I must say to make matters worse James Brown seriously I am finding it hard to call him James Brown but I go on, then dropped the " I have a black friend, so how can I be racist" in his case he states that his nephew is mixed race. Enough already, I am sick and tired of this quote to justify people making comments about black people and then saying they can't be racist cos they have black friends or relatives.

Due to the fact that we are in England and because black people never kick up a stink about such issues Mr James Brown will go on an make money and a number of my black sisters will buy his products and put more money in his pocket and it is he whom will have the last laugh and still call us "n*gger".

Football Scandal...

In an earlier blog I spoke about the English Football Association being sore losers as when they did not win the bid to host the World Cup they kicked up a right royal stink. Have they let it go – NO – they are still kicking up a stink and under parliamentary privilege they made allegations of bribery and corruption against a variety of FIFA members. So the British FA say they were asked for knighthoods and other incentives for people to vote for them and the British FA members being all upstanding and totally honest did not at the time set off the alarm bells and before the vote was casted state that they were asked for bribes but waited for a number of months and under the cowardly protection of parliamentary privilege to make such allegations.

This is the open letter that FIFA wishes they could write to the Football Association...

Dear Cry Baby FA Members

We know that it is very disappointing that you did not win the bid to host the 2018 World Cup in England (even though the rest of the world is celebrating that you only got 2 votes, yes we repeat only two and one of them was yours) and despite the fact that you brought out your three lions (Beckham, Cameron & Duke of Cambridge), which being honest means nothing to the rest of the world. We think it is at this time that we must remind you that you know longer have the British Empire and it is not by right that you must be awarded the World Cup.

Furthermore we are not sure whether the FA is stupid or what (hopefully there are some street boys in FIFA that speak like this) but when the BBC in its Panorama programme two days before the vote releases a TV programme alleging corruption in FIFA, that we would all vote for you then you are living in cloud cuckoo land.

You and the British press can continue with your campaign to have our great honourable leader Sepp Blatter and everyone else you don't like removed, tainted or slandered by unfounded allegations and as you can see you lost the vote by 175 to 17 when you tried to get the elections stopped – HA HA HA

So because you did not get your way you have now started an alleged vendetta against FIFA and all of those that voted against you. The days of Royal Britannia rules the waves are over and if you don't like being part of FIFA then go set up your own independent FIFA, you bunch of cry babies, who always think you are right – GET A LIFE!

I know some of you reading this may think that Mr Mahogany is anti British, far from it but I am against those that are arrogant, self righteous and think that when they do things they are right but if others do the same things and they are in disagreement then they are wrong. Sometimes some aspects of British society have a philosophy of do what I say but not what I do.