Saturday, 24 July 2010

Lace Fronts

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By Lee-Anne Weise

Here to stay?

Until recently, the lace front wig was used in the film industry for movies, and was created to give actors a more natural appearance as they performed in roles.

However they have quickly grown in popularity since being seen on several well known celebrities such as Beyonce, Naomi Campbell and Tyra Banks.
lacefront_tyra_twoThe lace base of the wig creates the illusion that the hair is growing out of the wearers head resulting in a nearly flawless hairline when applied correctly. Which is one of the reasons many celebrities have begun using the hairpiece for everyday use, it also helps protect their natural hair against harsh environments, and allows them to experiment with new looks.
lacefront_beyonce_oneLace front wigs are available in a various different colors, textures and styles to mimic natural hair. It is also commonly used by women with issues like alopecia, female pattern balding, and even hair loss due to chemotherapy allowing them maintain their appearance and self-esteem while hiding their hair issues.
lacefronts_twotonehair_threeAlthough exciting to use due to its versatility and natural look, it can be damaging to the natural hair if applied or removed incorrectly as the adhesives tape and hair glues that are commonly used to attach the lace front to the scalp, can damage the hairline and nape of the neck after continual use. The lace attachment can also become unattached and visible to the eye due to sweat or highly expressive facial movements as the glue can be stiff and does not always move with the skin on the forehead.
lacefront_beyoce_fiveApart from having to remove the wig to properly wash it the day to day upkeep is actually very low,
The day to day upkeep to maintain a lace front wig is similar to how you maintain your own hair; however the wig must be removed in order to be properly washed.

Supreme Quality hair Wigs have been known to cost up to $20,000 and a good custom made lace front in the US could set you back about £$2,000-$3,000; There are now many cheaper versions that are made from synthetic or human hair that can be purchased for as little as £30 (for the synthetic variety) however in my opinion the cheaper variety's do not mimic the hairline as well as the custom wigs.
lacefront_sixDespite it being highly recommended that wearers go to a trained hairdresser to have their wigs correctly fitted and removed there are many video tutorials on websites such as youtube Which feature tutorials women fitting their own lace fronts and the end results seem to be ok however I do personally know a woman who did not apply the glue properly and lost most of her hairline when she eventually tried to remove the wig.