Monday, 20 June 2011

Color blocking In Style

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With all the latest summer trends screaming "Color Blocking" and magazines filled in with glossy color mixtures, for some women it still is rather difficult to get their head around the whole color blocking "concept" and at times could even be intimidating; therefore they remain on the fashion "safety" zone wearing "same old- same old". Whichever way it is, the color blocking is actually not as "scary" as it may seem at first and quite easy look to pull off.

The whole concept of color blocking is to mix a minimum of three contrasting but complementary bright bold colors in one outfit. This could be simply achieved with the use of a Color Wheel, to find out what colors would look good combined together, simply draw an equal sided triangle and look at the colors the corners are pointing at, and you're there!


If you're still not sure whether the color blocking trend is for you, begin with two colors, for example: go for a bright colored suit or a skirt and add white T-shirt or shirt to it. Most of us do it regularly, however do not realize that it is a "safety zone" of color blocking. You can try to wear something more dramatic by having a black skirt with deep colored top, or perhaps royal blue pants with bold pink top.

Another trick is to pare you blue jeans with some bright colored top and a blazer in neutral color like Black, Beige or White.

The accessories are probably one of the easiest things in color blocking; opt for the bright bold hand bag or shoes, since adding complementary colors to the neutrally colored outfit will create and "element of surprise" and not less fashionable look.

Whenever you're going for the color blocking look, keep in mind few general guide lines. Follow your personal coloring type, as the whole point of color blocking is to make you look fresh, the last thing you would want to happen is wearing wrong colors that would make you look dull instead.

If for instance you have got a beautiful top in a great color even though it might not be the perfect one for you, you can always try to pare it with a scarf in your color type that is placed closed to the face.

Try to keep dark colors away from your face or add some lighter colored accessories like neckpieces or earnings to keep that healthy glow.
If you have got big "bottom" remember the basic rule of personal style and keep light colors off that part of your body, however if does not mean you have to wear all darks at the bottom. What you also need to remember is Color Balancing rule that is: when you're wearing a lighter color on the bigger part of your body (that will make it look even bigger in many cases) you have to balance it with another lighter color on top to create an illusion of the hour glass shaped figure.
Another color tip is to keep bright colors from the body parts that you might not e very profound of, as bright colors attracts the eye attention straight away and it might not be ideal choice for self-confidence. Keep the bright color on the body parts you like the most, as that will not only make you look great but will also increase your self-confidence while highlighting the best about you.