Sunday, 24 July 2011

A Sense of Tragedy...

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Hey, yes it's me – I'm backkkkkkk..........

Sometimes when people disappear for a while especially unexpectedly and you don't hear from them it might be because they have been detained at Her Majesty's pleasure (in jail), however in my case fortunately my absence has been solely due to being overwhelmed with work.

Its been a busy couple of months and currently when I look at my schedule it seems like things are not going to get any easier. I was thinking what would I talk about as there has been so much happening and t initially I was going to talk about some issues I had with Fashions Finest Awards and how some people who I thought were friends that disappointed me and let me down, but forget that as there have been so many things going on in the world that are far more important.

The demise of Amy Winehouse as sad as it is that a young woman of 27 years of age dies long before her time, does not really come as a real surprise or shock to anyone. To those that it is a shock seriously guys wake up and smell the coffee. A talented singer that has had a troubled life full of drugs and alcohol for a while now was clearly always on the path to destruction. Despite the help her record label and her family tried to give her nothing seemed to work and we all know the bad effects of drugs. It is easy for people to say that why did she not just stop, seek help or how did she get into them in the first place, but when you get hooked on drugs and alcohol its not easy to come off them – many a famous celebrity over the years have passed on due to the affects of drugs and alcohol, such as John Belushi (actor), Dorothy Daindrige (actress, singer), Phyliss Hyman (singer) and it also has to include Michael Jackson (yes it does, check it out he died of Cardiac arrest from his Personal physician administering a lethal dose of propofol along with lorazepamdiazepam and midazolam.
Drugs can kill regardless of if it is taken for recreational use or just administered wrongly, with do hope that there will not be many more deaths.

The only tiny saving grace in this tragedy is that unlike many others that have passed on due to drugs and alcohol Amy Winehouse has a legacy that will live on in terms of her music. Amy Winehouse RIP

A Norwegian Tragedy

Even though it is likely that Amy Winehouse will steal the headlines due to her being a celebrity and tragically dying even though it was self inflicted), the level of sympathy must be appropriate especially when a few hours before 92 people were murdered by a 32 year old Christian fundamentalist Norwegian Anders Behring Breivik. The first reports stated that suspected Islamic terrorists had committed these atrocities but they so got that wrong.

I am confused, religion whether it is Islam or Christianity is meant to preach and practice peace but some of the greatest atrocities in the world over the centuries have been committed in the name of religion. How someone's views on religion can justify taking the lives of innocent people, I just cannot understand. This was the act of a deprived, sadistic manic who should never see the light of day again.
Our prayers and thoughts must and should go out to the friends and families of those that lost loved ones and to all of those that lost their lives, may they Rest In Peace.

Hacking Gate

If you have not heard about the hacking scandal that has engulfed the UK and has led to the closure of the News of The World newspaper then you have been in hibernation or living under a rock.

Everything was going well for Mr Murdock and co whilst it seemed that they were only hacking the phones of celebrities and politicians but the moment it was discovered that they were hacking the phones of ordinary citizens but more importantly people that had experienced tragedy such as the Molly Dowler family (a young girl that was murdered) or victims of the 7/7 bombings, then everything changed and rightly so.

I do agree that in a lot of cases that journalist must do what they have to do to get the story which they feel is in the public interest. Celebrities and politicians are unfortunately fair game purely on the basis that from time immemorial everyone knows that if you have any of these two careers this comes as part of the package. But what justification do these journalist have to illegally intrude on ordinary peoples lives at the time of deep tragedy. There are laws in this country that even the police have to abide by when it comes to hacking and wire tapping. Watch this space as many more heads are going to roll, similar to the police commissioners that have already gone and some people for sure will be going to jail. It does look like that the prime minister is going to get away with this – only just.

Africa Fashion Week London 

I am the creative director producing this show and have been working with a fantastic team trying to put something memorial together, but even I must admit it is going to be one of the most challenging shows that I have ever done. Over 53 designers from across the world will be showcasing over 2 days, that's right I did say over 53 designers over 2 days.

Besides being challenging it is going to be very exciting as interest from mainstream media such as the BBC, CNN and so many more are geared up and very excited to be involved in the first ever AFWL.

So if you have not got your ticket yet I suggest you REGISTER ONLINE now as it is free to attend the shows, yes once again I repeat and say that it is FREE to attend, as much as possible Mahogany tries to bring events that are open to and for the people and where possible at no costs to you.

The two gala nights are going to be something special featuring the best designers from across the world and at the Saturday gala show Genevieve Nnaji Africa's biggest and most famous actress will be featuring her collection and it is also hoped that she will be in attendance along with the numerous other invitation only guests. For the Friday and Saturday night galas, we have a very limited amount of tickets available that members of the public can purchase – there are very few left so get yours now by clicking on the link above.

Top Model of Colour Regional Heats

With all of the events going on it looks like that Top Model of Colour is not going on but trust me it is and the regional heats will be taking place on the 14th & 21st August (the heat on the 21st August will feature both male & female models) and is taking place at Tiger Tiger London – get your TICKETS now.

Those of you that have been before know how much fun we have at these shows and you have your opportunity to be a part of finding the next super model of colour .
For more information on Top Model of Colour visit the TMC Website

As much as I would love to keep talking to you, I have so much to do, so I have to run. I will try and make sure that I am back more often.