Tuesday, 10 August 2010

A Little Glamour To Make You Sparkle

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Isn't it amazing how a little bit of bling can not only transform your outfit but your whole demur?

471bd07fdaa7b040f7ab8b2a13f8f35b_SOpulent, eye-catching and fabulous Oversized Cocktail rings have appeared all over the catwalks and are are being flaunted on the fingers of your favourite celebrities, everywhere from film premieres to private parties.

While the trend in earlier rings was to use precious stones, particularly diamonds (For those that could afford it), there is no shame in sporting the cocktail rings with faux or semi precious stones which cost significantly less money, are less likely to be stolen, and If lost, it can be replaced without causing significant harm to one's purse.
Image-1Worn on any but the ring finger of the left hand, which represents that one is married or engaged; the general rule is that the bigger the stone, the better!

The whole point of Cocktail rings is to catch and dazzle the eye.
image 3If decide to Opt an Oversized Cocktail ring on your next night out on the town or to add a bit of sparkle to your everyday attire remember that's is probably best to limit yourself to wearing one statement piece of jewellery at a time and if you do opt to wear more than one oversized piece, be careful not to drown yourself in accessories as you will risk ok quite tacky.
image-3Add some major sparkle to your outfit with one of these statement cocktail rings from blossom-uk.com
image-4image-5image-6Remember ladies, think glamour, think gorgeous and have fun!