Saturday, 14 August 2010

“feMALE” Fashion

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Who wears the "Pants" in personal or profession relationships?

Over the past couple years we're used to seeing catwalk reports and latest celebrity trends of a "Boyfriend's" jackets, jeans, etc; and even "boxers" are happen to look incredibly "hot" on many of us. And I would say we're going "in hand" with the time as the female society is progressing and is predominant at this stage, when women's independence could have its own statue similar to the one of Liberty in the US, with our high flying careers and "bread-winning" roles. However the latest catwalk reports from Berlin Fashion Week, especially designer Patrick Morh with his indirect "message"-projection of the future direction of the feMALE society appeared to me rather shocking.
Patrik_MorhMany of us are no longer being asked the question of: Who wears the "Pants" in personal or profession relationships? ; Since the answer to that is pretty obvious by now. But is this the vision or a goal that our female ancestors were trying to achieve with the Feminist Movement of the 19th century, when demanded to switch Victorian dresses for more practical wear that would allow women to engage in the activities that now we became very successful in, rather than domestic ones in most cases.

While majority of us cannot "Bend it like Beckham", but would still like to maintain the "Devil wears Prada" professional image, the question that rises is: How do we maintain the "Status Quo" while still looking feminine in the current feMALE fashion trends.

The answer to that question has leaded me to the place where once upon a time Ms. Gabriel Coco Chanel dared to wear man's hat creating a new era of "Classic"; that's right, the inspirational research of this topic has brought me to the root of the industry or better to say the catwalk of fashion capital of the world.
Chriatian_DiorOne of our favourites John Galliano created yet another compromising semi-feminine look for those who favours feMALE trend on Christian Dior catwalk And even though from the Image Consultant's point of view the cropped pants are not one the must have wardrobe pieces, the F/W'10 jackets combination does seem to work together.
Damir_DomaWho could possibly pull it off better than Damir Doma, not a stranger to the menswear; he sure did prove the fashion world that his signature of contemporary masculinity could be well turned into something rather feminine.
HAIDER_ACKERMANNThere is no technique other than draping in feMALE fashion trends that could actually highlight the femininity of otherwise strong and in some way aggressive image of Haider Ackermann's latest creations.
Nicolas_Andreas_Taralis-1Sharp shoulders of the jackets from Nicolas Andreas's collection do demonstrate some degree of feMALE fragility, along with the wide belts that once again highlights that "wait is a must" even this season overall portraying the picture of a mystical but in the same time strong and independent women warrior.
Valentine_YudashkinOne of Russia's favourites Valentin Yudashkin, does show strong characters of the women-inspiration of the country he's originally from. Even though keeping his classic style, his slightly flared trousers in combination with the lace blouses doesn't make any less of the feMALE statement.