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Looking To Shave A Few Pounds Off Of Your Beauty Budget??

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Why not try investing in some professional makeup brushes.

It's a little known fact that professional standard makeup brushes are a great way to get the most out of your cosmetics.

As the price of professional make up brush sets can cost up to £100 (and in some cases more) such a purchase may seem a tad extravagant, especially if you only wear make up once in a while.

However if you do apply makeup daily it is worth considering making the investment.

Not only do they make applying makeup an easier process, eliminating the risk of contamination from dirty fingers.

Many makeup pros swear that having a high-quality set of professional makeup brushes can help extend your cosmetics for up to two to three times their expected lifespan than the

cheaper Chemist variety and the applicators that come inside makeup packages as they simply don't have the design features that women need to achieve the best results, which can often lead wastage since more product has to be used to achieve the desired results and

8 Important brushes to start your collection are:
makeup brushPowder Brush: An oversized, fluffy brush that is used to dust on loose powder to set foundation, or to dust on bronzing powder. It can also be used it to brush off excess powder.

Blush Brush A smaller version of the Powder Brush that is used to apply blush, sheer powder or bronzing powder. This is one of the best makeup brushes you'll ever own!

Contour Brush: This brush has a rounded-angle shape, but it's essential for defining cheeks.

Lip Brush: should be small, narrow and flat. It should have straight end and fine bristles.

Foundation Brush: Used for applying and blending cream/liquid foundations. An advantage to using this brush is that it does not absorb foundation.

Eye shadow Brush: A fine brush used to sweep color all over the eyelid, accentuate the crease, or highlight the brow bone

Small Angle Eyeliner Brush: This makeup brush has firm bristles that are clipped at an angle. Use this brush to fill in sparse areas of the eyebrow, and trace an exact line along the lashes.

Fantail Brush: This brush can be used to create different effects on cheeks, eyes and other parts of the face.
While there are certainly additional professional makeup brushes that you can add to your collection going forward, the ones outlined above will give you a great start

Savvy consumers can try investing some of the smaller brush gift sets such as the:

Maceyebrushes Mac Eye Brush Gift Collection £39.50
dior Dior Backstage Make up brush kit
Bobby Brown Basic Brush Collection

These kits tend contain only the basic tools for everyday use such however you can purchase individual brushes as and when they are needed.

Once you do take the plunge and purchase your remember that good make up brushes when cared for properly can last up to five years. It's important to store them in a clean, dry, damage proof, and container and clean them regularly with an appropriate brush cleaner in order to maximize their effectiveness and avoid harboring lots of dirt and bacteria which can be transferred to your face every time you use them and cause break outs.

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