Saturday, 10 December 2011

A “Real Woman” & a “Plus”

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It's not that long ago when our "Normal" sizes gone into "Plus". The good news is that most of the fashion brands are now producing what I like to call a "Real Woman" clothes and we no longer have to shop at the Maternity stores (the inspiration behind the Ulla Popken brand), however while doing a research for this article I've realized that unless you're in the industry most of women are still having a hard time "working" their heads around the whole "Plus & Minus" size scales.

Well let's begin with the "Real" world women size!


To our surprise the "Plus size" term has been developed in the UK however the actual measurement chart was the result of over 60 years market research and study in the US. So where does the "Plus" starts from, you'd wonder?

According to the International Industry standards, the "Plus" size Charts will begin with the following: UK size12, US size 10, Australia size 14, EU size 40, Italy size 42, Japan size 11 and otherwise everything that starts with "L" & "XL". However if you're still struggling to figure out what is your exact size the following measurements indicator will be quite helpful:

"L" or "Large" Measurements range: Bust: 86-94cms, Waist: 69-77cms, Hips: 92-100cm, the size indicator usually goes within an average of 7 measuring points (in centimeters); Example: if your hips are measured at 102cms maybe it is worth trying "2L" size on.

But once again, you have to remember that there is no two individuals' are-a-like, therefore not all of us can afford to wear the item straight of the rack and expect a perfect fitting; in many cases a "Pear-shaped" woman will find it hard to fit the bottom into the dress that fits perfectly at the top, as well as "Triangle-shape" will have to do some alterations in the hip area for a perfect fitting.

And as usual you have to remember that perfectly fitted clothes will make you appear slimmer than the ones that are too tight on you.


Another trick to reduce the dress size would be "Corrective Innerwear" or a "Shape-Wear", various options of which available on the market for all body types. However the tricky part is, if you choose a size bigger it won't be that effective, a size smaller and you will end up with lumps and bumps; so use this as your size reference: "M" or "Medium" size will start within UK size 12-14, if you're not sure while buying a "Shape-Wear" at the store, ask the sale assistant to measure you as every lingerie store will have this facilities and in most of them the Size Charts are displayed on the door of the fitting rooms.


Today's "Shape-wear" comes for almost every body type and size:
"Apple-shaped" woman will most probably require a support in the tummy area that will help then define the waist line; "Tummy brief" or a "Corset" would suite this body type the best.

Long leg "Control Briefs" would be the best choice for "Pear-shape" to downsize the hip and thighs area.

A "Pencil-shape's" best choice would be Padded Bras that will emphasize the bust area and make your waist line more appealing.
If you're one of the lucky ones with an "Hourglass-shape", you can simply choose Shape-wear that will show off you natural curves.

Shopping for "Real Woman"

Even though we're lucky to live in the age where dressing for your size and shape is no longer a problem, many of "Real size" women still find it difficult to find the places to shop for their size. Therefore we'll review several brads that are idea for a "Plus" size.


Plus Size Shopping "Destinations"

Debenhams' Brands: Alexon, Ann Harvey, Gorgeous, Jacques Vert and Windsmoor; size range from UK 16-32.

New Look Fashion: size range from UK 12-26

Australian brand City Chic: size range: 14-24

USA: , online shopping portal for "Plus" size fashionistas, that carries collection of most of the "Real Women" fashion brands, such as: Roaman's, Jessica London, Ulla Popken, Torrid, Ellos, Avenue Body, etc; within a size range from 12 to 32.