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Media Conspiracy Theory...

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Every four years the whole world goes football crazy and more or less comes to a standstill, especially  within the countries where they were fortunate enough to qualify for the World Cup and in countries like England that is very multi cultural the World Cup fever pitch is even more with various areas like Peckham  Camberwell (supporting Nigeria) Brixton (Ghana) and of course the whole of the UK Supporting England. Hey yes I do know that people that live outside of these areas support Nigeria, Ghana and other African countries so don’t email or text me to tell me that.


One of the great things I love about the World Cup is that it is about the only time when tons of women love football and come out to support their country of choice. As a diehard football fan (supporting Nigeria first, then every other African country second, then brazil, than Holland  finally Spain), I will be visiting various bars and hang outs of football supporters from different countries and taking and keeping a picture diary of the World Cup.


So if you have any great pictures of your World Cup experience please email them to me or tag me on Facebook, I would love to have some pictures from across the world.



Did You Know A Nigerian Purchased Gatwick Airport?


I don’t know about you but I am someone that watches the news on a regular basis, one to know what is going on in the world and secondly to ensure that I am knowledgeable when having conversations with people that their sole aim in life is to make you elook stupid and dumb, you all know someone like that. So it was a great surprise to find out through the back door that a Nigerian by the name of Adebayo Ogunlesi  is to be the new owner of Gatwick Airport. Now some of you would say what is the big deal that Gatwick Airport has been sold and I guess in a way I can agree with you, what is the big deal and who cares. Well I care and you should care at the fact that the mainstream media kept this under wraps (eventually Sky News did a mini commentary about it).


I know that there were some major news events that were taking place across the world at the time (I think not), which is why no prominence could be given to this story. Now you know me I love my conspiracy theories and could it be that it was kept quiet because it was a Nigerian buying it and this would not be good for PR as that would go against the grain that Nigerians only do fraud (419), or could it be that the British media did not want people to know that one of their biggest institutions was now owned by a black man (a Nigerian, sorry I just have to keep repeating the fact that he is a Nigerian). When Harrods was sold (for less money than Gatwick Airport) it received coverage from across the whole media spectrum, however the BBC, ITV etc all failed to cover this story and even Sky News did not put it as one of their main news stories but within one of their specialist programs.


Look at the Sky headline which says  “Gatwick buyer promises first class service”, if we had done something bad it would have said “Nigerian man steals Gatwick Airport”.


There is a saying that goes “you can’t keep a good man down” so it would be much appreciated if you can copy the above link and paste it on your Twitter or Facebook pages so that we can spread the word and let everyone know that when black people do good deeds we will not allow it to remain hidden.


Easy Jet the New Shopping Channel...


I am quiet fortunate that I travel often and am fortunate to travel well (thank you to all the girls in red and one special person that takes care of me), which means that I am not use to travelling on one of the low budget airlines (if you think I am a snob that is your problem, remember life is not a dress rehearsal you only live once so enjoy it). Well just the other day I had to travel to Scotland and the only flight of any economic sense was Easy Jet, I am not sure if any of you have travelled on any of these budget airlines before but the truth is, you do get what you pay for which is a seat and transportation that would get you from one place to another and that is it. You must be wondering what is the big deal in that, I will explain.


When I travel on an airplane I expect to travel in as comfortably as possible with minimal disturbance from people with body odours, crying children and people that just can’t keep still, you expect that when you travel so you live with it BUT I don’t expect that whilst I am on the plane I have to be subjected to the shopping channel. Seriously the plane takes off and once they have finished doing all the safety announcements (ok being fair they did the safety announcements before the plane took off), the senior steward gets on the microphone and starts her sells pitch and throughout the flight they offer to sell us a newspaper for 50p, food, drinks, refreshments, car hire, travel tickets to London by land, air and sea, oyster cards, insurance etc, I bet if it was not because it was a budget airline they would have tried to sell us cars and Gucci handbags.


I know that we are going through an economic downturn so businesses have to diversify but I don’t think Easy Jet have got it, we travel with you because we are cheap and so what makes you think that we would start spending extra money with you on the plane - daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!


News In Brief:


A Fruity Success...


We all know that we are going through hard financial times currently and looking at what our dear prime minister is saying things are only set to get worst, so it is great when I can relay a good news success story. My good friend Lotwina Farodoye appeared on the BBC 2 Working Lunch programme  talking about her fruity bars.


Lotwina started a new business 'Be fruity' fruit bars after being made redundant. "Redundancy can be fruitful and may be just the impetus you need to turn your life around" and she hopes to inspire others being made redundant to reach for the stars and live their dreams turning what may be a bleak outlook into a major opportunity.


'Be fruity' fruit bars are now stocked in Waitrose, Holland and Barrett and all good retailers. The fruit bars can be found on


Well done Lotwina and to other entrepreneurs that are attempting to live their dreams.


Designers Needed for London Fashion Week...


Fashion Diversity 'pops-up' at the Islington Metal Works 16-18 September 2010 and official off schedule show during London Fashion Week! 

• Catwalk Shows

• Boutique

• Frock Exchange

• Honorary Awards

• Student  Graduate Competition Final

• Cafe  Information Exchange And more...

Now in its Third year Fashion Diversity returns with a new edge, new partner and a new and exciting venue! Applications open for designers wishing to showcase and/ or sell their collections at this three day event where London Fashion Week meets the London Design Festival. "Angel will be transformed into an eclectic hotbed of creativity for three days as Fashion Diversity pops-up"

Application forms can be obtained


London Fashion Week 2010

London Design Festival Partner


Clothes Show Live...


The Untold London Boutique returns, a collaborative launch of a selection of the UK’s Untold design talent.

Untold supports emerging designers and enables them to showcase their work at London Fashion Week and other events in the course of the year. Untold ensures that designers are seen, heard and understood to make their vision a reality.

This is your chance to discover some real must-haves and one off garments and accessories. A treasure trove of originality, you will be sure to come away with some inspiration injected into your own fabulous personal style.

Don't miss the opportunity to meet the designer makers behind these new and emerging creative brands!

Designers include: Anya Wilkinson, Phoenix Boulevard, Afro-Chique, Alexander Longe, Maame Baryeh London and more…



Diaries of a Black Woman... by Benny Bonsu


Fashions Finest would like to welcome the renowned Diaries of a Black Woman which is to be a regular feature on Fashions Finest website.


If you are in the fashion or entertainment business and would like to be featured Email Deborah Fashions Finest Editor.


An African journey Jonathan Dimbleby...


It was very nice to see a positive spin on Africa and I think Jonathan  Dimbleby should be commended on the 3 series programmes which sees him visiting various countries within Africa and talking about the industrious African people that he meets.


(courtesy of the BBC) “After four decades of reporting from the continent, Jonathan Dimbleby returns to Africa on a 7,000-mile journey to discover how it is changing. He starts his African journey in the capital of Mali, Bamako, the fastest-growing African city. Following the course of the Niger river, Dimbleby finds not a continent of beggars but of industrious people, some of whom go to extraordinary lengths to make a living, free-diving 20 feet to excavate building sand. Travelling north-east, he sees how tradition is preserved in an area where a sophisticated urban society has thrived for 1,600 years. Jonathan gets his hands dirty as the apprentice of a 74-year-old mud mason in Djenne, a town built entirely of mud.

In Ghana, one of Africa's freest and most stable countries, Jonathan sees a spectacular festival before playing a game of golf with the King of the Ashanti, who recalls his time working for Brent council. Dimbleby attends the King's court to see what lessons the UK can draw from traditional African structures that promote harmony and reconciliation. Jonathan discovers that the African brain drain is turning into a brain gain as economic opportunity and patriotism draw people home. Football unites Ghana like nothing else, superseding political and tribal divisions. There is a rich seam of young football talent on the continent in the year that the World Cup is hosted by an African nation for the first time. 

In Lagos, Nigeria's business capital, Jonathan Dimbleby sees a different take on a city that is often depicted as a hotbed of violence, crime and corruption. He is taken on a private jet by Africa's richest man, then savours the creative talents of two of African music's rising stars who are helping to cement Lagos's place as the continent's cultural hub.”


Wedding of Afua (Acting Editor of Black Hair Magazine)...


On the 11th June 2010 at 1pm Afua Boamah Acheampong married Patrick Savi Adom and henceforth will be known as Mrs Afua Adom. The wedding took place in Glasgow, Scotland with a beautiful reception held in East Kilbride. It was a lovely wedding with Scottish bagpipes and visitors attending from across the world and the United Kingdom (including little old me).


Congratulations Afua  Patrick we all wish you a very happy married life.


TMC Sierra Leone  TMC UK Heat Dates Announced...

VENUES  DATES FOR TMC SIERRA LEONE... First ever of its kind in Sierra Leone, Do you wish to participate in or do you know someone that would like to compete in Top Model of Colour, Sierra Leone?

Then tell them to attend one of the auditions taking place in Sierra Leone, auditions are as follows:


19th June BO auditions @ Country Guest House

20th June KONO auditions @ Kono Hotel

21st June Makeni auditions @ Wusum Hotel at Apex

25th June Freetown auditions @ Old Skool Complex

So all those around those regions should turn up for the chance to grab this great opportunity and be the first ever Top model of Colour Sierra Leone. For further information and for detailed information on venues for the auditions: Contact Kadiatu Kamara : +232 (33) 10 84 30, +232 (77) 555550 Email:

REGIONAL HEATS FOR TMC UK... Now in its 5th year and this will be a year to remember. The TMC UK regional heats will be taking place on the


24th July @ Bush Hall, London


7th August @ Bush Hall, London

21st August @ Bush Hall, London (this will also feature the mens heat)


@ Fashions Finest or by calling 07971 388697 for further information on the heats




I have a couple of quick moans


Girls at parties on mobiles throughout the night...


We all know that mobile phones are a must have necessity, but to some people it has become life or death and I personally have experienced some unsavoury incidences regarding people and their mobile phones but we won’t go into that one today as my moan today is on how silly people look when they are at a night club and on the mobile phone. Even in my old age I still go to nightclubs (purely related to work, for research purposes – hey stay on track I did not say for search purposes), but it amazes me that you can walk into a club and you will see groups of girls all B Bing away on their Black Berrys at 2/3 am in the morning.


I have heard women say that men that come to clubs wearing dark glasses look really silly and should take them off, well ladies I am sorry to say this but you all look really silly texting or B Bing away at a night club. Why not just stay at home, become a recluse and spend all your time doing this. Maybe I am getting old but I thought that people went to clubs to listen to music that is too loud, get chatted up by people that they can’t stand, have a whine and a grind having dry sex and end up drunk having made a fool of themselves or wake up in the arms of someone they had just met for the first time at the night club. I hear more and more women complain that they are single – can you really not see why – if you spend all your time on a mobile phone at a club or at a social function, no one is going to come and talk to you and then you hate the girl getting all of the attention, that’s cos she is smart and put her phone away.


Get The Accent Right...


I am not an Eastenders fan and before you start to think that I am a closet fan no I am not, but you know how it goes you are flicking through the channels trying to find something to watch and the remote control just happens to stall on Eastenders and no matter how much you press it to move to another channel nothing happens. Well this happened to me the other day and I saw a woman dressed in African attire attempting to speak with a Nigerian accent. (I think she is some ones grandmother), her character is called Grace Olubunmi.


The whole idea about acting is that it must seem or come across as being believable and I can tell you that nearly everyone in the world knows what a Nigerian accent is like and can do far better interpretations of one compared to Ellen Thomas who plays the role of Grace Olubunmi. Her accent was a cross between an English and Caribbean accent. If Eastenders were able to cast a Nigerian for the role of Mercy Olubunmi (Bunmi Mojekwu), I see no reason why they could not have casted a Nigerian to play the role of the grandmother or better still Ellen Thomas (whom I have met and is a lovely woman) should have gone and just learnt the accent properly.


Unfortunately Eastenders has a reputation for getting actors to do dodgy accents, remember the actor who played Michelle Fowlers daughter, she was meant to be American, I think after 4 episodes she gave up with trying to do an American accent and stuck to a British one.


Come Eastenders get it right!


Be good and take care – tomorrows another day