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 Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Nothing To Say...

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Its been a while since I last wrote to you, well at least in my mind it has been a while and I thought before I lose all of my hard earned friends I had better put a few lines together. But the hardest part is I do not have the foggiest idea of what to talk about, I know some of you think that is strange but the world is relatively quiet at the moment.


So I guess this will be a blog with a small difference as I am just going to ramble for a bit, if you get bored feel free to switch off and come back when you can’t sleep and you need something to help bore you to death and put you to sleep. This is serious rambling.


When you have nothing to say the best thing is to talk about oneself and hope people won’t desert me forever.



I have added a donation button to my blog as we need your assistance in assisting and developing young talent who want to achieve things within the fashion and entertainment industry.


At  Mahogany we are all about change and trying to influence change as well as help people to achieve their dreams and in order to do this we do need assistance both in kind and in monetary terms. So please feel free to donate to a very worthy cause, no matter how little it all helps.




As I progress through the world of fashion I have been given a new name which I am not sure I deserve or that it even fits me. You may have seen it on my Fashions Finest articles, I am now referred to as “Mr Mahogany – Celebrity IT Man”. By the way what is a “IT Man”, it sounds like just a silly term and bearing in mind that I am far from being a celebrity I am not sure the name suits me. I think I am also being a bit of a hypocrite here as I always call a good friend of mine, Ola Shobowale an IT Man and I can now see why he was not that keen me calling him this. If anyone can let me know exactly what an “It Man” is I would appreciate it.




Going against the rules of self preservation I am about to commit Hari Kari by talking about some of the great bloggers that are out there, this could seriously impact on my follower ship as after reading some of these great bloggers you may stop following me. When I first started my blog I thought that all I would do is talk about fashion related issues but it somehow has not panned out that it has become more of a social commentary blog with the occasional fashion items thrown it.


So for you fashionistas out there I thought I would refer you to some of the great bloggers that are out there and are also contributing to Fashion World on Fashions Finest.


The FBC Blog: written by my beautiful cousin Mary Bello and she is an IT Girl, as she is at evey celebrity or VIP event in town. The FBC is a fashion, beauty and celebrity blogspot that focuses on whats hot in the UK and worldwide right now.


Bedroom Diaries of a Black Woman: written by Benny Bonsu who is a woman doing great things as writer but also within the Olympic 2012 organisation and within sports PR. This blog focuses on sex and relationship topics and they are dealt with in a very frank and open style, some of the articles and videos are not for the faint hearted


The Musing of Ondo Lady: written by Ronke Adeyemi, her blog is a slice of pop culture in the form of films, magazines, books, TV, fashion and music. She has a passion for fashion, travel, magazines, books and property. What's the deal with Ondo Lady? Well Ondo is a town in Nigeria where her parents are from. It is located in the south west of Nigeria and holds just over 4 million people and is nicknamed the Sunshine State.



Tickets can be purchased online @


Then I am off to Nigeria for a few days to speak at the biggest talent seminar ever held in Africa and will feature the likes of supermodel Oluchi and Kelechi Amadi of CNN and so many others.


After that the real works begin as we have more TMC regional heats on the 7 & 21 August, Fashion Diversity 16 to 18 September, Nigeria’s 50th Celebrations 1 October and shows in the Gambia, Sierra Leone and South Africa as well as the grand finale of TMC UK. So I am not sure if I will get any sleep between now and December.




I am fed up, yes fed up with people that expect something for nothing and on top of it when you are trying to do something for them they abuse you. I thought that it was a one off when I received an email from a model having a go at me for trying to do things to change the modelling industry and give models the chance to excel or gain great exposure within the industry, but I have had a few such emails and texts and upon speaking to other businesses and individuals I have found that others get similar sorts of comments made to them.


Recently I put the below email out on Facebook for people’s comments and I was encouraged by the replies that I received. This is an email a model sent to me about TMC: - "Please note that i am no longer interested in taking part in this competition. it is a scam and i am not a fool. You do not need to pay to be in a competition, then you have pay to do catwalk training? you have to do your own hair & make up?"


So the crux of the matter is that I and other business people are suppose to invest our time and money in running competitions, provide training etc for free just because you are who, you are not my mother, sister, aunty or girlfriend or wife, so I should give you all of my experience, pay for venues and other expenses and allow you to turn up for free and so much more because of what. (all the time i was saying that my head was moving side to side American style and my hand was all up in your face - Shaniquwa style).


Another model wrote to me saying TMC is “just a money making scheme”, and in a fit of madness I wrote her the following reply (would love your views):


... in every business that is done a business must find some way to cover the cost. For instance if you go to a concert you buy tickets – that is a money making scheme, if you go into a shop and buy a dress that is a money making scheme.


However in this case the situation is far different in that you are asked to pay £100 sponsorship which does not even cover 10% of the overall costs to put the entire show together, but it is our way of working with models that are committed as in the past when a model makes no investment last minute she may drop out and yes it is us carrying the can.


Last year we took 50 contestants and staff to the Gambia for 10 days, if every model paid £100 that is only £5000, we still had regional heats in the uk where we had to hire halls, feed models, pay dj and staff and then fly 50 people to the Gambia put them up in a 5 star hotel and feed and provide them with refreshments 3 times a day for 10 days – bearing all of the above in mind I would be grateful if you could tell me how we make money from the models.


This year we are looking to do the finals in somewhere like the emirates or Chelsea football club and the hire fees alone are £10,000 without lighting, staff, rehearsal hire etc.


If you feel the competition is not for you and you cannot afford it that is fine as at no time have we tried to force you to enter, but I do feel it is wrong to accuse us falsely of trying to make money from you. This is part of the reason why mainstream has stated over and over again they do not wish to work with black models.


I hope this has put a bit of light on the show and what it is really about and that the money we get from the models could never even start to cover our cost and further more we encourage models to get it from companies who see the benefits of advertising or through ticket sells which if you are going to watch a movie or anything you would have to pay an entry fee anyway. So if like a number of models have done, you followed this route it would actually have cost you nothing to participate.




Be good and take care – tomorrows another day



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