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Things to consider when matching a dress with a bra

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We run down a few top tips to avoid discomfort.

It was always mum's job to teach the basics of bra shopping. A bit like the sex talk, it was a kind of rite-of-passage in a way – popping to M&S or somewhere similar and doing the measuring, working it all out, having that kind but seemingly overbearing saleslady helping you out.

How many years have gone by. But also, how many years have gone by without any further consideration of the lowly bra and its aid to our figures and postures. Ask any lingerie specialist and they'll tell you that a good third of women are wearing the wrong bra size. And it's not about the price – you can get plenty of cheap bras with great support from the likes of New Look if you have the measurements right – it's about knowing a few basics for wearing it right.

But we're not here to measure your chest...far from it...we're here to give a few tips on the next stage – how to get that bra to match the rest of your clothing.

Here's our top tips:

1. Colour
A no-brainer when it comes to black and white, obviously, but what about pastel shades? You'll also find that blues come through very easily under whites – as well as through cotton yellows or light pinks. Even if it's your favourite bra in the world, it's better to find something with a shade that can match your lighter tops.

2. Plunge
When it comes to spring or summer dresses – or sleeveless dresses with lower necklines, you often need to consider plunge. Low-cut dresses – or dresses with cut out panels or sheer elements – are almost inevitably going to require a particular bra suited to plunges or with very low side support.

3. Lace and pattern
I love lace. Lacey underwear gets my vote any day of the week. But once again, when it comes to lighter shades, or tight tops, lace or particularly textured or embellished bras can become visible and often looking bizarrely bumpy under patterned materials or lighter fabrics. Avoid bras with 'seams' or lines down the middle of the cup.


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