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Beffta's Special - This is not Sour Grapes...

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I am now starting to feel that every time I write a blog I only seem to have negative things to say and that is definitely starting to worry me. But people it is not my fault, honestly. I actually said that regardless of how I felt that I was not going to blog about the BEFFTA's but following NUMEROUS requests to say it as it was I have had no choice but to respond to your requests.


The BEFFTA's which stands for Black Entertainment Film Fashion Television and Arts Awards, that is the original version of what BEFFTA's means but the new version is unprintable and involves a lot of cussing and I have some people that are under 16 that read my blog.

67235_1600870617723_1114776922_31684763_3972286_nAnyway I have washed my mouth with soap and I can continue, the BEFFTA's took place on Saturday the 30th September at a lovely venue called Westminster Central Hall. Following on from last year I came with an open mind thinking to myself that it could not be any worst than last year - boy was I wrong.

In a chronological order let me give you an insight into the event.

I arrived at about 7pm (as the show was due to start at 7.30pm) and I queued up with the other guests to give my name and collect my tickets to gain entry. When I got to the young lady that was doing the tickets I was very impressed as they had a laptop and I assumed they would do a quick search on the laptop and I would be given a ticket within seconds, yes you are right they could not find my name, anyway she asked me if I was a nominee? wrong question to ask a black person when we sense weakness we go in for the kill, in this case I was a nominee, so I answered yes and she then asked me if I had any guest with me and I said yes that there were 4 of us in total and without any checks she gave us 4 VIP passes (this also happened to others as well), so as per what I said above if people were intending to pay when they saw the shambles that was going on they quickly would have changed their mind as they would have realised that it was free to get in.


Anyway we then proceeded upstairs and based on lasts years experience I told my guests to go and secure us seats before they all go as I had a feeling that there might be problems and there was. I would will leave this bit with a quote from a highly respected person within the black
entertainment industry in the UK “I did not even have a table in my name and had to sit in a corner with my guests which was embarrassing as they were very influential people.”


So my guests had secured a table for us to sit after many problems, I must add whilst I was downstairs doing some press interviews and assisting Fashions Finest TV.


The press section was badly organised and only got better when Remel London took it upon herself to help out and organise things. Eventually I went upstairs at about 9pm and they were only just about to start (yes over an hour and a half late).


Westminster Central Hall has a reputation for finishing on time and bearing in mind the organisers have used the venue before they knew exactly what would happen at 11 pm. However in their wisdom a decision was made to entertain us for the next one hour with act after act and we had the unfortunate pleasure of having one of the most boring presenters ever (they said she was meant to be a comedienne, now if she was a comedienne then I am the one that taught Eddie Murphy everything he knows about comedy), to be fair to her they only gave her an hour’s notice that she was going to present but if she is meant to be a professional that is no excuse.


So at about 10.10pm they now decided to start announcing the award winners, you must bear in mind that they had about 500 awards and 1500 nominees , ok I am exaggerating but it is to emphasis the point that there were too many awards and some crazy categories. At 11 pm as expected the venue switched on the house lights and turned off the sound by this time they had not even announced half of the awards which includes one of my categories best modelling agency, up to now I have no idea who won that award.


But it was nice to hear that on the Sunday some people were being phoned to say that they had won awards in categories they did not know had even existed, I guess they felt they needed to get rid of the excess awards that they had.


So we left the awards very dejected but decided let’s make the best of a bad situation and go for the after party which was meant to be taking place at a lovely venue. About 50 of us found our way to the venue to find out there was no such after party and none of the organisers were there or had any intention of showing up. I say no more!


Normally I end my piece by giving my views, however this time round I will end it with quotes from a variety of people that emailed or text me about the show.


“I myself actually checked her facebook page yesterday to see if she had offered an apology on her status...more fool me lmao”


“I have no idea whether she agrees it was a shambles (I doubt it)”


“she seems to be in denial...we were clearly at a different award show to her!”


I know others offered their services and was shoved aside.


“xxx cannot use people who have worked hard to establish their brand and then disrespect their name like this. I am done”.


“she used many of us to bring attention to this shambles”


“She has made the award vulgar. I felt as if I was attending an event in a third world country!!! With all the expertise we have in the UK this is unacceptable”


This is not sour grapes it’s about people stepping up and doing the right thing and using the right people, Stevie Wonder or Ray Charles could have done a better job running the show and without any assistance.


If it goes ahead again I will still support it as I believe we must work with each other for change and potentially this can become a fantastic event within our community, but I would say to anyone doing a show, know what you are good at and then bring in people like me to do the things we are good at which is making your event great!


TMC Grand Finale 27th November 2010...
tmc final 2010

To get tickets please buy online http://www.mahoganymodels.co.uk/list-services.php or

0845 388 7249 / 07971 388687


Standard tickets are £30 in advance (or £45 at the door) - Table of 10 £300


VIP tickets are £50 in advance (or £75 on the door) - Table of 10 £500


Please note that all vip guests will be served a 2 course meal and some drinks on their table.