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 Friday, 15 October 2010

Is Reality TV Really Real...

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Reality TV is back in full force from The Apprentice to X Factor and of course they have all come with the drama that is needed to get them plenty of press attention.

X Factor...

This is by far the UK's biggest reality TV show especially with the demise of Big Brother and one must give enormous credit to the guru himself Simon Cowell for being able to keep X Factor fresh and making front page headlines.
201976-cheryl-cole-defends-gamu-decision-410x230I am sure that you are aware of Gamu Nhengu who was the unfortunate X Factor contestant that seemed to out sing the other contestants at Cheryl Coles X Factor rented mansion in Berkshire of all places (maybe it was good that it was in Berkshire otherwise Gamu would not have been able to travel to one of the foreign destinations). Unfortunately Gamu was not chosen to go onto the live shows. It is very possible that you signed the petition to get her back on the show and had a lot of sumpathy with her and felt she was unfairly treated.

This is a wake up call, reality TV shows are fake and are manipulated to sucker in you the audience, get maximum ratings and ultimately make the producers a barrel full of money (being someone that produces and consults on such shows, trust me I should know as I have done it many times myself). The golden rule of X Factor is to make Simon Cowell and ITV tons of money and that ultimately means choosing people that the public would vote for and/or if they did win that they had the right look and personality to make a lot of money (once again for Simon Cowell as they are signed to his record label).

My take on it: firstly you only see an edited version of what really takes place at the judges houses as each contestant sings more than one song and for viewing purposes and suspense what they showed of Katie Waissel and Cher Lloyd made far better television than them singing their song well. Secondly I definitely feel Cher Lloyd deserved to go through as she is quirky and original, not so sure about Katie Waissel though, but what I can say is from a financial perspective she is a better bet than Gamu. So for me I can live with the decision not to put her through.

I am not being heartless (but besides Gamu's immigartion problems) it is a win win situation for everyone, Gamu got more headlines then she would ever have got if she made it through to the live shows and will be famous regardless and X Factor got loads of free publicity and over 14 million people tuned in.

Roll on Money Man Cowell.

The Apprentice...
Joanna Reily
joanna_riley_lrgI absolutely love the Apprentice but for the first 2 episodes our sister Joanna Riley, is she aggressive or what? In the second episode or i should say
how they portrayed her on TV she came across unnecessarily loud, rude and aggressive. I think she is smart as she was brave enough to lead the first task and made it through by the skin of her teeth and then she came up with the idea for the second task which they could have won if the team leader had been a bit braver and sharper, she has made her bones so now she can afford to take a bit of a back seat. I do hope that she takes Lord Sugar's advice and calms down otherwise she is out for sure.

I don't know why but my money is on Melissa Cohen to win.


TMC Grand Finale 27th November 2010...

tmc final 2010

News In Brief...

Africa Music Awards Change of Venue..

Africa Music Awards is no longer taking place at Wembley Arena on the 15th October 2010, at the time of going to print the new venue (which maybe at Westminster Central Hall) has not yet been confirmed.

I really do hope that it takes place but it is going to be a close call.

Merit of Excellence Award...

I am truly humbled and proud to say that on Saturday 9 October I won the award for most outstanding achievement. Other nominees in my category included Sade Adu, Patti Boulaye and Adebayo Jones very esteemed company as you can see.
Well done to Yomi Oyekanmi & Chermiah Hart for putting on a fantastic show and we were well entertained by presenters Kayode Akintemi and the beautiful long time friend of mine Samyra Gellatly-De La Torrezz (yes i know it is a mouthful).

This award is dedicated to all of you that have supported me throughout my career and my two beautiful children.

Black 100+ Exhibition of Black Achievers in Modern Britain ...

I was fortunate enough to be included in the Black 100+ exhibition. The Black 100+ Exhibition & Legacy consists of photographic images of modern day achievers within the black community. It includes VIPs, celebrities, professionals, community leaders and members of the general public. These inspirational individuals are from the world of politics, sport, business, religion, media, entertainment, music, the arts, education and community support.

Their photographs, complimented by a brief biography about their personal achievements, form part of this inspirational exhibition, which creates a record of achievement that will influence the aspirations of generations of people.

Moan & Groan...

This is a bit of a funny moan and groan and it is a quick one and goes as follows. You live in a house where you are fortunate that all your bills are paid for or inclusive of the rent, however you in your big self see a phone socket in your room (with no phone) and decide to go out and buy a phone and plug it in and start using it and when confronted about how come you are using the phone which you are not suppose to, your response is I thought using the phone was inclusive of bills.

I can hear some of you laughing your heads off as you think yeah right phone is inclusive of bills, can you imagine what the bill would have been like if it had been an African, Caribbean or Asian person living in the house and they took that attitude, the landlord would have been bankrupt.

On this one i am so lost for words.