Friday, 01 October 2010

Nigeria is 50 Today...

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It would be very wrong of me not to congratulate Nigeria on its Golden Jubilee, which I whole heartedly do but at the same time I think that it is a good time to reflect on our beautiful country Nigeria.


Nigeria is the biggest and richest black nation in the world with over 150m people scattered around the world and we are extremely rich in natural minerals such as oil, sadly though Nigeria is still wrecked with numerous problems from the inability in this modern age to provide 24 hour electricity and non stop flowing water, to a worldwide reputation of corruption and unfortunately the last one which I can and would never be able to explain we are on the USA terrorist watch list (now this one has nothing to do with us for sure and is an unjustified tag).


Leaving the above aside, Nigerians are fun loving, peaceful people who are resilient, intelligent, ambitious and in our own way extremely patriotic. Around the world, Nigerians that need the smallest excuse to party and make some money are currently celebrating our independence and I for one will be doing the same.


Even though I was born in the UK (no fault of my own), I am a green blooded Nigerian, I am green, white and green proud and I and like minded people like me will do everything we can to make Nigeria one of the greatest countries in the world.



How Could They Get It So Wrong...

I woke up early on Tuesday morning, I have to emphasise the early because i normally do not wake up before 10.30am but for some strange reason I woke up switched on the TV to BBC News (BBC by the way I expect my cheque in the post for the free advertising, I  also accept credit cards), anyway they cut to showing the announcing the results of the winner of Australia's Next Top Model and then I can’t believe my eyes and ears as they announce the winner Kelsey Martinovich and 2 minutes later they announce that they got it wrong and had announced the wrong name and the correct winner was Amanda Ware. Watching it I felt so sorry for both contestants, as for one minute you feel on top of the world having just won ANTM and the next minute you are brought back down to earth with a massive bump after finding out they had made a mistake.


As a true sceptic I wonder if this was possibly done on purpose and was an attempt to get them worldwide publicity which it did, if not then the producer and everyone that works on that programme should be fired.


Regardless though behind every cloud there is a silver lining and Kelsey has got worldwide fame, a cash prize she would not normally have got and a trip to New York - so Miss Kelsey take it from me this massive mistake has turned you into a superstar and you will be far more popular than Amanda who actually won it - LIFE IS A BITCH!


News In Brief...

Live TV Broadcast to 30 Million People ...

As part of d Nigeria is 50 celebrations I will be a part of a live studio television broadcast that will interact with Nigerians all over the world switching between our Lagos and London Studios. It will broadcast to over 30 million homes worldwide. It will be live on sky 199 OHTV &HiTV from 8.30pm

Moan & Groan...


I know I have not done a moan and groan for while and I have been getting emails etc asking when it is coming back, but I can only do one if I have something genuine to talk about and today I do.


I get invited to lots of events and ten times out of ten they are complimentary and VIP tickets but sometimes on those rare occasions like Australia’s Next Top Model something goes wrong. I was recently invited to a gala dinner (not saying anymore as on this occasion I decided not to name the event, luckily for them it is our day of independence and I am in a good mood) and I arrive there with the ticket they sent me and I am told that they have over booked and they don’t have a seat for me but they would do their best to find somewhere for me to sit.


Being the nice mellow person that I am I say no problem, as at some events there are problems around organising. So I go into the main hall and chill out by the bar (not drinking as I don’t drink) and fortunately there are a few people I know and we talk so I am kept busy. As the evening is progressing they are all running around like blue arse flies trying to sort out the mess and seat people, and I am still standing by the bar and an hour later still standing by the bar they have not found a seat for me - so my nice mellowness is starting to slowly disappear as I am thinking why am I here.


So I am now at that stage where I feel I have to say something and ask whether they had forgotten that I still exist and whether they had found a seat for me or not and they nicely say we are still trying to sort things out. So I go back to standing by the bar, slowly boiling (I will explain why at the end of the piece). 30 more minutes have passed (hey people be patient I am getting to the crux of the matter in a minute) and now it is time to get ghetto cos they are now taking the piss - sorry I don’t normally get ghetto but when people are taking advantage of you - you have to get gentleman ghetto on them, so i spoke to the organiser and in a firm voice with a twang of ghetto I said are you getting me a seat or its time for me to leave this place - of course they found me a seat on a table right at the front next to the stage.


The moral to the story is this DO NOT invite people to your event if you cannot give them the respect they deserve, in my mind as far as I am concerned (and you should be as well) I am a VIP and that means that if I spend money putting petrol in my car, leaving my nice warm house and make my way to your event you better make sure you know where I am sitting especially as I did not ask to be invited or beg for an invitation etc and to make this worst they wanted me to do a feature for them on Fashions Finest - I really don't think I can cos the review would not be cool.


PS Don't mess with the press, cos they can mess you up big time - a word to the wise!


Be good and take care – tomorrows another day