Monday, 21 May 2012

Speak To The Hand!

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Forget the sky-high heels or feature jewellery in 2012 it's defiantly nails that are doing the talking!

Perfectly groomed nails have always been a must to complement any outfit however in 2012 nail trends have evolved in to one of the most fashion-forward accessories a girl can have Forget boring French tips and get crazy creative with colours the brighter the better, acids, metallic, and fluorescents and patterns oh and let's not forget, jewels, piercings and 3D bling.


For those that don't have time to be constantly in the nail salon or have the talents of Michelangelo there are many ways for you to adorn your digits at home that won't break the bank such as nail foils and designer nail wraps hat are available in an array of wonderful designs.


If you can imagine it do it