Sunday, 27 May 2012

power dressing in 2012

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Hello again finest readers,

Well who's predicting what the weather is going to do these days. One minute it shines, the next it rains. And there was me, wondering what to wear in these variable climes. Taking the imaginary crystal ball to hand, I had a little moment and thought about what was coming your way this autumn. Looking towards hot autumn trends, I saw Mui Mui at the forefront showing us how to dress for these cooler climes in a heavy mix of Edwardian come 1970s styling celebrating that staple classic, the trouser suit.

This years' trouser suit fascination has been making itself known for a quite a while now. Think back to how Ferragamo got us excited by his interplay of silk and mismatched prints in that stunning raspberry and fuchsia pink silk jungle print trouser suit.
Salvatore Feragamo spring summer 2012 Mui Mui Autumn 2012 (Source Vogue.Com)

Now, Look around at how many retailers are selling high waist silky seventies trousers and matching blazers in jungle, graphic and seventies graphic wall paper print. Well readers, it is time to sit up and take notice and follow this well- trousered hint. Trouser suits are here to stay with us and are the right investment will take you through summer, autumn and possibly even into winter.

And of course, because we are inspirers rather than followers here at finest, we are going to have some fun, by embracing the patterns and combinations available to us in the shops now. So, think Brights' and seventies prints and mix them up with patterned shirts. Hunt down kipper ties and paisley scarfs from eBay and charity shops. Then, keeping with the mismatched patterning theme; work your base colour through, mesmerizing admiring eyes with high impact drama and contrast.

Take one mui mui blue suit for inspiration... Then get down to H and M and pick this blazer up for £17.99 or maybe this trouser suit from Benetton...


Then add one of these shirts (Hawes and Curtis£ 69.99) or these shoes (River Island £55.00), a vintage tie (eBay 12.99) or this necklace( £11.99 for ultimate seventies groove.

Serious fashion geeks wishing to follow Mui Mui to a tee, should wear bold silky shades of cornflower blue, emerald green, orange and brown. Look out for suits featuring seventies wallpaper print themes in patterns not dissimilar to the velvet crush featured on bus seating and clash, clash clash!


This look takes the sharp masculine tailoring out of Saville row, powers it down to the office then sashays it back up- town, discotec chic style. We are talking the bold, brave and sexy. Take your influences from Charlie's Angels, Farrah Fawcett, even Abba but remix your styling from the wide varieties of print and colour available now.

£10.00 Primark £39.99 Hawes and Curtis £10.00 Primark

Origional pierre cardin kipper tie Bumper bundle of vintage £12.99 ebay kipper ties £12.99 ebay

Hobbs £189.00 £10.00 Primark £69.99 Hawes and Curtis

And of course, on the back of every wise woman who means business this year, rather than her boss, is her trusty mac. You will find these everywhere right now in all the right shades to protect you whenever the clouds choose to rain down upon you. Finish your look off with these lovely examples I have found for you below.

La redoute £69.00 Traffic People 54.00 Vera Mona £ 54.00

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