Wednesday, 30 May 2012

That's So Denim

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What makes denim one of the most irresistible trends of our time? In a 1969 publication in the American Fabrics magazine, a writer stated:
"Denim is one of the world's oldest fabrics, yet it remains eternally young."

From baggy jeans, to figure-hugging jeans, denim has defined time and the fashion cycle that goes with it. I remember mufti days back at Secondary School we (girls) would make sure we had the jeans that were the fad at the time; very low rise, skin-tight and a subtle flare. And if you didn't wear those particular jeans you had to have worn something that would replace them and give you an equal rank in the 'jeans-clique'- which was pretty close to impossible.

Now we herald a new revolution of the jeans trend. Its hard to believe that its a step away from picking out a pair of high-rise washed out blue jeans from a charity/vintage shop and accessorising some old piece of ankara unto it. Well, in the easiest sense of course. 'SoVeny' and 'Bukki' are designers who have definitely made African-print jeans a must-have this summer. Today's 'young' (and young at heart) are going for denim enriched with the African touch. The same way Levi Strauss was the pioneers for blue jeans, I believe the African print is the new harbinger for a new generation of denim. Whilst 'SoVeny' has the bohemian, soft chic feel, 'Bukki' has the edgy 80s' look. Whichever look you go for, both styles are the talk of the town this season- and oh how befitting they are for the summer!



Check out Bukki on Asos Marketplace & bukkisblog

bukki bukki_1

Photo credits from designers SoVeny & Bukki

Levi Strauss on the reigning attitude towards denim in the 70s, quotes from the trade papers: "Jeans are more than a make. They are an established attitude about clothes and lifestyle".

Do you think our current designers are accurately depicting you and your lifestyle? Share and comment on this post and sound-off your opinions!