Monday, 11 June 2012

Tokyo Fashion Diary

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My last months have been really busy and unfortunately I didn't have much time to write for the Fashions Finest. For all those curious what I have been up to, here is a short list...


Tokyo Midtown Hall exhibition (Photo by Eva Fydrych)

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week TOKYO was officially launched on 18 March. The opening event, that included kagami-biraki*, a traditional Japanese ceremony, took place at Mercedes-Benz Connection in Roppongi and was followed by Yuima Nakazato fashion show.

* For those of you who are not familiar with Japanese culture, here is a short explanation: Kagamibiraki is a ceremony performed at celebratory events in which the lid of the sake barrel is broken open by a wooden mallet and the sake is served to everyone present. Kagami refers to the lid of the sake barrel and biraki means "to open" sokagami-biraki literally means "opening the lid." Because of the lid's round shape, the kagami is a symbol of harmony. The kagami-biraki, therefore, represents an opening to harmony and good fortune.

tokyo 2

tokyo 3

The opening night was really exciting and there was an opportunity to meet two Japanese supermodels: Ai Tominaga and Rina Fujii. They both attended the party that took place after the official opening ceremony, posed for photographs and gave interviews.

Highlights of the second day included fashion shows by Kamishima Chinami (pictured above), The Dress & Co. and Hiroko Koshino. Selected pieces from the previous collections of all participating designers could be seen at the small exhibition held at Tokyo Midtown Hall.

tokyo 4
Waiting for the show (Photo by Eva Fydrych)

Hiroko Koshino is one of Japan's most famous designers. She has been designing for almost fifty years and has shown her work around the world. Her Autumn/Winter 2012 collection "Dream of Sicily" included diverse pieces in the whole range of colours. Dramatic silhouettes, beautiful patterns and creative styling made this show the most interesting event during the whole Fashion Week.

Below are some shots by a very talented German photographer Michael Steinebach, who currently lives in Tokyo and works as a freelancer for different print and online publications. I had a pleasure to meet him after the show and while we were walking to the subway station together, we talked about his life in Japan, travelling, and photography work.

tokyo 5

tokyo 6

The schedule of the Fashion Week was really intensive and sometimes it was impossible to be in two different places at one time. The shows were well-organized and with a few exceptions, always started on time.

But what was even more interesting then attending the shows, was snapping pictures of some amazing Japanese street fashion. There is probably no other place in the world where you can see so many creative and unique outfits. In Tokyo everyone seems to have their own personal style and people aren't afraid to stand out from the crowd.

Some of these styles are extreme and avant-garde, similar to the haute couture seen on European catwalks. There are some major fashion tribes like Gothic Lolitas, Ganguro and Cosplayers that are very easy to distinguish. However, the Japanese street fashion is constantly evolving and creating new trends.

Below are some Gothic Lolitas that I managed to capture after one of the shows...
tokyo 7




Karl Lagerfeld paid tribute to Chanel's little black jacket in the amazing exhibition that opened on Wednesday 21 March in Tokyo. There were over a hundred photographs on display and the celebrities that attended the event included Sarah Jessica Parker, Vanessa Paradis, and Alice Dellal. The images for this project were shot in Cannes, New York, and in Karl Lagerfeld's studio in Paris.

The exhibition showed 113 prints spread over two floors (Photo by Eva Fydrych)

Below is a small selection of pictures featuring the most stylish guests that attended the opening night in Tokyo, including a Japanese actress Kiko Mizuhara and a Dutch model Saskia de Brauw By the way, Saskia can be seen in an amazing Vogue Japan editorial, shot by one of my favourite fashion photographers Patrick Demarchelier. Here is the link to the photoshoot.






Before I left for Japan, I had an opportunity to meet Rana Wehbe-Flinter, an international stylist and fashion blogger who currently lives in Singapore. Rana is really passionate about discovering up-and coming local designers and also has a great personal style herself.

I managed to organize a short photoshoot in Chinatown with her, where she played a role of both a stylist and a model. Makeup and hair was done by Saydanar, a truly talented artist specializing in Bridal and Fashion.

Mural in Chinatown, Singapore (Photo by Eva Fydrych)

The concept of the photoshoot was a tribute to a Mexican painter Frida Kahlo, known not only for her paintings and a stormy marriage with
Diego Rivera, but also her personal style and colourful wardrobe.

Have a look at the sneak preview of the shoot below and stayed tuned for the next round of the fashion news!


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