Saturday, 23 June 2012

My Forever 21

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I've never really come to figure out why people want to remain forever twenty-one. Maybe it's because it's the comfortable age between having mastered adolescence, and feeling at your prime to achieve literally anything your heart is set on. Just turning this milestone age, people ask me what its like to have arrived, and my response is seldom clear, even to me. Truth is, there is no special 'twenty-one' feeling. You can either feel advanced, or believe you're as young as you feel. Even the term 'youthful' is so subjective. For example, many connotations include 'sexy', 'wild' and 'strongly independent'. Unfortunately, a part of the fashion world has lost the ability to translate sophistication and elegance through different generations. I think the closest we got to this has been lost somewhere in the Victorian ages, where women of all ages dressed in the same manner of propriety and conformity.

Nonetheless, we celebrate the development in the fashion industry; young people could now carve out their own identity and become creative and industrious individuals. But if there is a gap in the industry, it's the question of how to form a bridge between the different generations in coherent style so that quality isn't lost. We can learn something from mature women in their 40s/50s who can complement style, with grace and elegance. Those who have arrived at personal success, gained recognition and are truly admired by the admirable, carry a persona and style that we could borrow. As much as we young folks/young-at-heart don't want to be mistaken to be 20 years older than what we really are, we can replicate classy styling that still screams 'forever twenty-one'- and at any price too! In my attempt to bridge this gap, I put together some of my favourite Ankara pieces by some of my favourite designers;

Solange in Boxing Kitten by Maya Amina - at the 'Victoria Secrets Collection, 2011.

Swing on this season's favourite high-waisted top and mellow it down with any modest yet stylish high-waisted skirt.

Overcoat by Bombe Surprise

For a casual outfit on those mild weather days, nothing says young and free like an oversized jacket over figure-hugging jeans.

Kente top 

Did you know that should-pads make the waist look slimmer? You can't do wrong with this fitted top made casual yet slick with some skinny jeans! 

Asaka Oge

I'm in love with these blazers by Asaka Oge. Blazers are the perfect transformer tools that will bring any outfit to life- whether you want to dress up or dress down.

Another amazing and must-have number by Asaka Oge; a flattering high-wasited pencil skirt.

Aldo Shoes

Ankle-straps and woven platforms are this summer's talk. Nothing says '21' like the right heels to accentuate those summer legs! 

Vlisco Bag

With all the boho-craze currently going on, check out this cute ankara styled bag by Vlisco; a shoulder strap bag by day, and a clutch bag for that special outing! 

Russian Vogue March 2012

Part of dressing young is adding colour - appropriately of course! I just love this jewellery ensemble I found in the Russian vogue; including Boucheron, Cartier, David Morris and Harry Winston. Of course, you don't need to spend thousands of pounds to look as vibrant. This summer, the high streets are oozing with bold colours.

Know any other 'twenty-one' summer favourites? 

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