Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Moroccan dream or reality?

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Fashion is certainly travelling some places this year. First we swam underwater wearing iridescent watercolors and aquatic fashions. Then, Donna Karen took us to the hill tribes, adoring clothing with tribal markings and print. Trekking through jungle and tropical fauna, over desert, onto safari...Fashion this year is all about independence, exploration and adventure.

Now, enough of this depressing weather! It's time to look further afield. Take heed from some of these budget finds I have found you, so reasonably priced that two cheap flights and a few nights' accommodation becomes just a mild credit card irritation compared to the amount of adventure and excitement promised.

And where is the destination for this marvelous journey, I hear you ask? Morocco of course! However, you will find comparable adventure in any other North African country such as Tunisia and Gambia which you can now reach by charter airlines.

This special journey will take you into the bustling souks of Marrakesh, through the snake charmers and food stalls of the Djemaa al-fna square, then down to the ancient seaside medina town of Essouira and back again.

Just one 10kg bag, a small budget and seven days' worth of adventure and dressing. Too good to be true? Think again! This can become reality!

And for takeoff... start by picking one pair of these outfits, a smart flared or tapered trouser is a must in fact, all three deserve a place in your case!

Add to this, a white shirt, the jacket and a crochet jumper or cardigan.


Wear these accessories on the plane to maximise baggage space...

Day one: Get lost down the souks of Marrakesh in these finds...


Be sure to cover shoulders with a cardi or scarf as a show of respect when required and also to protect from the sun.

Haggle for quality leatherwear such as this bag below and look out for scarf print clothing and accessories you can wear on your way back.

Day one: Evening

Take a stroll down Djemaa al-fna, evening market in Marrakesh. Sip freshly squeezed orange juice and sample the culinary delights of the many food stalls that line the market place.

Day 2: visit the mosques and gardens of Marrakech



Sun worshippers do bare your shoulders when walking around but be prepared to cover up with this gypsy blouse when visiting places of worship or inner souks. Prevent heatstroke and exhume ultimate cool too by wearing that amazing cowboy hat!

By night, observe the life and colours of the Djemm al.fna from a roof top café bar wearing this stylish combo.


Day three: Travel the CTM bus from Marrakesh to Essaouira
These comfortable adjustable shorts will keep you cool on the bus and also allow for leg tanning opportunities once disembarking the bus!

Shorts £12.00 Matalan. Shirt £4.50 Matalan

Once in Essouira, take a walk on around the ancient medina then onto the harbour...

And in the Evening...

When the sun goes down and the sea breeze cools, wear these comfy flares with your vest and denim jacket for relaxed glamour.

Day 4. And so to the beach you go...

Evening time Salute the setting sun with your Moroccan tea glass as you look out to sea from the best roof top restaurant view...

Day five: back down to the beach


These shorts really are going to be your best friend on this trip! £6.00 Primark

Evening five :Final bargain barter around the medina 

Make sure you stock up on pretty beads, bracelets and unique earrings like these ones too...

 Day six : last stroll round the medina before boarding the bus back to Marrakesh.


And for your Final evening in Marrakesh...

Day seven: Board the plane back home

Dream or reality?...