Saturday, 28 July 2012

Lady Floral

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Finally, a breath of femininity is back and has taken the centre stage in high fashion. I believe that there has been a slight deterioration of the femininity of womanhood as women clothing no longer needs the strict and ordinary rules that clearly distinguish the two sexes by apparel. Nonetheless nothing has better defined the cutting-edge, 21st century woman than the freedom of clothing. I particularly admired Gwyneth Patrol's elegant cape number by Tom Ford at this year's Oscars; somewhere down the line we have been told that as women, the more front and back you show the more likely you are to be found in the 'best dressed' column. Patrol, along with several others, posed as a garland of beauty in her lady-like version of what seemed to be a straight coat.

This season heralds an invasion of floral styles. From Chanel to the British high street's River Island, floral has been gracefully re-vamped returning once again as a lady's best friend. Some of us grew up seeing floral prominently pasted as curtain pieces and covered on precious dining room tables. Little did we know of the long-age beauty of wearing floral and its adornment qualities. Today, a floral blazer or a floral body-con summer dress easily does wonders for your fashion cred. Its one of those times to dive into your ancient-of-days wardrobe piles and replace the old with the new; or in some cases, pinch one of your mum's hay-days apparels. Another beauty of this new vogue is its recyclable and malleable nature. You don't need to go all out in the town and run up a bill in the name of revamping your wardrobe. Floral is close by most of the time, and its all about how you sport it. Its an invaluable skill to know how to look at what you already have, and make it work for you. Having only witnessed two decades, I regularly take advantage of the forever fluctuating fashion seasons and have managed to re-use and re-style certain article pieces that had previously laid untouched for years.

Take a look at some of those who have mastered their own 'floral come-back' in the most chic and stylish way. Notably, floral on ankara is a breath of fresh air after the techno-wave that drove Africans to wearing symmetrically confined and monotonously (quite boring) geometric patterns. I fondly recollect the traditional floral-cut ankara that my aunties wore when I was growing up; which has now become a unique part of today's African attires. 

African floral dress - BHF


Me wearing floral ankara lace with sister, far right & family and friends.


Dolce and Gabbana's debut couture collection - Source



A Dolce and Gabbana's piece from theh debut couture collection - Source

Olivia at the couture fashion week in paris- Haute Couture F/W 2012/2013

Chanel dress at summer show, 2012

Elena wearing 'Buggi Meek' at couture fashion week, 2012


River Island's Black Floral Print Dress

Whether you are old or young, high street or couture, casual or smart, floral is back- and I hope its here to stay!