Wednesday, 08 August 2012

Achieving sporting style

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If you've been inspired by this summer's sporting triumphs and finally feel like peeling yourself off the sofa to get fit, you may be wondering how to get yourself kitted out. While it's true that you can't run in jeans and a shirt (well you can, but not for long), you don't have to give up on style completely - dressing for exercise doesn't have to mean looking chavvy.


Let's start at the top, with tops. Man-made fibres which wick-away sweat are obviously the best choice, but for those who just can't bring themselves to wear polyester a simple cotton T-shirt may suffice. The shorter the sleeves the better though - a vest top is ideal - as you don't want to be running around in a heavy cotton t-shirt when it's warm.

But as we all have work to do and lives to lead, the chances are you won't be running in the nicer part of the day. You'll be running on wet Wednesday nights and dreary Sunday mornings, so you need to have something a little warmer to coax you out to pound those pavements. Hoodies are the best bet, but again you don't have to be a walking advert for Nike or Adidas - even sportswear retailers like JD Sport sell more stylish options from the likes of Converse, Duffer and Brookhaven. With tracksuit bottoms, stick with baggy cotton sweat pants - they're loose fitting and are not nearly as offensive on the eyes as polyester tracksuit bottoms.

One area where you can't afford to make concessions, however, is footwear. You may have a pair of Adidas Originals which you love, with laces that are never tied, but running without the correct support for your foot will soon lead to aches and pains which will stop your fitness plan in its tracks. It's worth getting advice from professionals on your foot shape and your trainer requirements but have a look at this guidance for some background first.

Once you have the kit it's up to you - try and make it a regular habit before winter sets in!

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