Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Festival affliction

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Well that time has come round again for us to brave the extremes and get out to a good UK festival. Not that I should even dare mention that weather word for another month running ,but I do believe there is some mileage in preparing for every eventuality, especially now that shops are selling summer and more cosier autumn wear now.

And the thing I love the most about festivals... the freedom bestowed upon us to express ourselves through original, eclectic dressing. The ingenuity we have to apply to bring together an outfit to take us from warmth to cold, from centre stage to after party. Dressing we wouldn't usually have to consider for a normal night out.


Dsquared2 nailed this eclectic- expressive look back in Milan fashion week earlier this year. Imaginatively blending furs, bikinis, wellies and even mud, they showcased a street –edged, Californian surf –come festival hippy- chic look for us all to revere. And, we only need to look back to Coachella and  Guilfest  earlier on this year to see Katy Perry, Caroline Fleck, Rita Ora and Stooshe putting their own stamp on this street- styled, Californian festival vibe so easily too.

Source: Katy Perry: Digitalspy.com and Coachella pictures Glamour.com

And what an exciting pallet of colour and selection of styles 2012 provides for us too. With so many colours and trends at our fingertips, there is every reason to steer clear of that regular Friday night uniform and emergency pack-a mac. So, have fun re-inventing these styles with your own original festival twist and be sure that your outfit is constructed to ensure glamour, warmth, dancing potential and practicality to stave off any unnecessary suffering or wardrobe malfunction disaster! Here are a few finds to get you started.

First for glamour... every girl needs her show stopping dress!


Warmth: Stave off overheating. Prevent the misery of cold legs in soggy jeans when It pours by going short in the daytime...

Add leggings or trousers if you feel the cold..

Layer on with a fur gilet, shrug, poncho or boyfriend sweat when the temperature drops further.


Protect from the elements biker style

Dancing potential:

Stomp your feet down in this footwear and ensure just good memories and no blisters. 


Every girl needs a good bag to stash liquids, leggings and excess clothing! She also needs a suitable crown to protect from the rain and an emergency poncho should there be any more room left in her bag! 


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