Sunday, 02 September 2012

Trend alert Wedge

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Trainers what are your thoughts?

I am still undecided about what I am guessing is an Olympic inspired trend Wedge Trainers...
Isabel Marant BIRD WEDGE SNEAKERS £435.00

In the world of the uber trendy Wedge Trainers seem to be well received, street style magazines and blogs seem to be full of noted fashion bloggers, writers and fashionistas rocking the trend however I have yet to see your average Tammy on the high street wearing them. 

Topshop ATHLETE Wedge Heel Trainers Price: £75.00

I also question if the trainer wedges can get around the no trainer rules enforced by most nightclubs (Well they are heels).

In conversations I have had mixed responses, I guess like Marmite you either love em or hate em. 

Russell & Bromley Jetstream £295 

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