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Intergalactic runway

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What did I say about metalics this season? They're definitely staying put! Two very memorable designers at the FF shows this weekend were firmly marking out their space territory with a return to shapes and styles of the sixties, block print and silver flashes not dissimilar to the days when Star trek the series was watchable and glamourous to folk like me!

One particularly notable collection was by Ocansey Bianchi. Using base notes of silver contrasted with stong shades of blue and neon edging, Ocansey took metallic theming and orbited it -space starship enterprise bound, light years ahead on 2012 with very feminine and wearable edge.


Further into the cat walk, the colour pallet remained grey and misty, although not at all subdued in comparison to the explosive African colours from previous exhibitors. Despite concentrating on shades of metallic greys, the designs were far from boring and actually encapsulated the vision and enthusiasm I imagine people felt towards the prospect of space travel back in the sixties.

Some particularly interesting work was undertaken with corrugated corduroy fabrics with this strong collar and sleeve detail sculpting this wearable futuristic shaped jacket below.

Angled futuristic shaping has been no stranger to us this last year with stars such as lady Gaga influencing prevalent trends such as the peplum waist and sculpted necklines and box jackets. This jacket struck me as particularly casual in relation to all the other elements of the collection yet still futuristic and easy to wear with the galactic trend or even my previously suggested grunge metallic trending!


Back to the seventies styling again, and we were treated to this lovely grey and violet jump suit updated slightly by ruched trouser legs of a later eighties era. Violet and grey, usually considered too dated a no- no for me, yet so right in this beautiful combination.

On the far right picture below, another winning collection and outstanding futuristic jumpsuit for me was by Velsvoir, clearly also riding the intergalactic vibe. I love the way this jumpsuit focuses the eye around the waistline with this matching belt to the intricate spaghetti laser cut silk detailing at the top of the bodice taking me to another childhood nostalgic memory abyss of the vortex used by the contestants of the futuristic 1980s game show the krypton factor. Again, space inspiring, space age stuff and yes I am showing my age too much now!


And what do I need to say about Velsvoirs jumpsuit here finished perfectly by their trademark bow tie? Is it just me or can you hear David Bowies Space oddity playing in the background? With so many ideas and fresh ways to put metallic together I shall be digging out my metallic accessories again and taking the futuristic space race in grey and silver this season. Thank you Ocansey and Velsvoir for taking the depression out of wearing grey and for injecting fun into these upcoming dark nights!

For more information on these collections visit:

Ocansey bianchi at www.linked

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