Sunday, 23 September 2012

Treat your feet with Upperstreet

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My shopping peeve is nowing what you want but not being able to find it, Ie looking for that perfect killer heels to mactch that freakem dress or seeing a shoe and thinking that would look better in I different colour, with a jewel, in a diffrent matreal.

As consumers we have defiatly become more picky and know excatly what we want, it is now down to retailers to keep up with us instead of dictating what we should be buying.

One company that definatly understands the woman who knows exactly what she wants is, Founded by Katy Chandler and Julia Grinham in 2010.

2010 Upperstreet gives women the opportunity to design their own pair of beautiful, hand-made shoes online at affordable prices.

I had tried out the website some time ago and found it very simple to use and pleasing to the eye but can't remember why I dint go through with my purchase. I have since had another looked at the website and noticed they have since added more style, colours, materials and finishes to their already impressive catalogue and for those that don't feel comfortable designing shoes alone offer a great customer service during and after your purchase which includes: personalised swatch books, free alterations, free studio appointments, design advice create the perfect pump which comes in and beautiful packaging which includes a handwritten note.

Now what's the point of designing a wonderful exclusive shoe without being able to show off to your friends and colleagues?? The site now has a function in which you can tweet Facebook or email your chosen designs to your friends to get their approval or simply rub I their faces that you have a hot new pair of shoes and they don't.

During a conversation with Julia during London Fashion week I asked if there was ever any issues with women designing and purchasing the same shoe (Massive faux pas) and she advised me that this rarely happens as the customer wants something beautiful and unique to herself and defiantly doesn't want to have the same thing as her peers.

One I designed earlier


Silver snake skin peep toe court shoe with a platform and Gold leather lining £300.00

Did I mention that have a no quibble returns policy?

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