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Gothic plumes, leather and lace

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With the darkening nights leaning towards a more darker dress code, I feature two exhibitors at the Fashions Finest shows paying hommage to all that is gothic, spooky, lacey and leather.

The gothic look seems to come round pretty frequenty. I only have to hark back to the days of my sisters Doc Marten boots, red lips and pale make up and that black chiffon shirt I used to have to wear to get into the pub and it all comes flowing back!

The cure: Google images/

Gothic trends have embodied an identity, culture and expression not always so popular with the mainstream fashion consumer. However, this year during the Fashions Finest shows, they were definitely back and taking upon bold and new adventurous forms. One particular stand out designer, SVE was turning every head with her unique femme fatale formula of leather, feather and the thirties.

Taking inspiration from an Art Deco palet, her sheer nude tops featured below, were embellished with flower detail and thick bird feather- like plumage. The result, a more classy- Parisian rather than Morticia Adams take on the trend. 


As the collection walked further, our attention was stolen by this black chiffon maxi. Emphasising the female form in such a beautiful flattering way, the bodice almost reminded me of a beautiful figurine sculpted to an ornate art-deco lamp fixture or equally the type of female form you would appreciate on a Jean Paul Gaultier perfume bottle. With Chiffon definitely in vogue, the next outfit embraced the elegance of the thirties again, yet not in any way was it defaced by the addition of the black feathered plumage skirt, albeit the type you might imagine to be sourced from twenty crows awaiting their fate in a huge witches cauldron.


The impact, specular. The outfit, moulding to the models body, almost takes our attention away from the exposed breasts as there is so much other beauty coming from elsewhere on the body via the outfit.

Also rocking the gothic/leather lux trend was El'frida (Uk/Nigeria) (far right), providing a dainty yet hard enough response to SVEs full on drama black leather maxi accessorised by another feathered neck plumage. Leather was definitely doing a lot of talking that day and it was talking in Halloween shades such as blood red and black. 


Drawing upon the Goth/rock trend further, El'frida appears to pay homage to Dracula and the shirts worn Meatloaf in these striking black leather neck and bodice plumages. Perhaps a more wearable version of this style for us every day folk and able to equally deliver the same sort of impact as the work of SVE.


With Halloween looming, there appears to be plenty of gothic trending in the shops from Top shop to However, if like me, you are dreaming about wearing the real thing then be sure to check out these designers.


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