Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Is eyewear outta here?

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Glasses are big news in fashion right now, and it's no wonder: they provide you with another platform to show off your style, they can completely transform your look, and since Rochas, Paul Smith, MaxMara and Marc by Marc Jacobs all included the accessory in their autumn 2012 collections, glasses can really bring you one step closer to the catwalk.
Celebrities have always brought a bit of glamour to specs – just look at the gorgeous Christina Hendricks here, and thanks to fashion's love affair with everything vintage and quirky, even glasses are turning retro to help us get the look. In fact, eyewear retailers Warby Parker revamped an old yellow school bus recently, furnishing its interior like an old library with wooden panelling, overstuffed couches and shelves upon shelves of their vintage-inspired glasses and sunglasses. Travelling through nine cities including New York, Boston and Philadelphia, the "Warby Parker Class Trip", as it has been dubbed, shows how frames can be an integral part of fashion, getting fully involved with the trends we're all loving right now.

But a big issue is plaguing the fate of glasses, and it may be no bad thing: now that contact lenses and laser eye surgery pretty much cover all bases, won't glasses soon be for fashion purposes only? Will losing their functionality make them fizzle out? Or do we ladies really love a bit of extra face furniture without a cause? The question seems to be, would we happily continue to reference eyesight problems when we don't need to? Don't we aim to look top-notch from our health to our handbags?! There are arguments to keep them – a few months ago Vogue ran a feature on matching your frames with your make up, and for those who don't need telling twice when a chance to look well put-together presents itself, this is basically heaven.

However, with everyone knowing there's no real need to be a four-eyed fashionista, will we shy away from wearing them? Could they become a joke-like item, relegated to the bottom of the drawer until a fancy dress party demands their return to action (or non-action, I should say). Yes, it seems the fate of glasses is an uncertain one, and we've got one eye on the catwalk and one eye on the laser eye clinic as we wait for a conclusion!

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