Thursday, 15 November 2012

London Fashion Week S/S2013 – The Aftermath

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Fashion and Commercial photographer Trevor Fogah Griffiths looks back at London Fashion Week S/S13 to give you an insight of his movements.

Many non-fashion followers or aspiring fashionista may often dream of getting right into the hearth of LFW and view as many show as possible. There is Somerset House's main tent where it's never short of spectacular shows greeted by celebrities, sport personalities and industry top retail Buyers, just to name a few. Or if you are really luck, you can try to hustle a big ticket to some of the shows that are off the beaten track, like the Burberry or the Vivian Westwood Fashion Shows. But one thing I can say having worked LFW for many years is that it is definitely not a place to take lightly or as a jolly.

You can find me during LFW located in the Canon Photography lounge which is more like a cohort of media people working franticly aiming to fulfill their brief. One He is always a gentleman with a sense of fashion and great design. Donning his usual black attire and baby blue glasses, his team continuously and systematically carryout the vetting and processing of each of the world's press. To say, getting access and then ensuring a great position is found to get a preferred photography spot is something that most experienced photographers only achieve after about four seasons at LFW.

However, time is usually the killer for most media operatives where some only rely on their lower brain instincts to deal with problems. The only mantra you will only find is that 'you will only know something if someone tells you'. Or if you disturb someone, you will definitely feel the raft of correction backed up by the Security Guards escorting our out of LFW. Repeatedly, I'll say, get your space, get settled and get your shoots. Oh yeah, and don't fall a sleep.

As much as you may think, LFW is a week long of constant movement from one show to another. Trying to grab a bit to eat is a luxury if you don't have your office pressing you for images they wish to release yesterday. If you are lucky, you might able to slip in a cup of coffee from the machine located in the Canon photographers lounge. Which if you don't know how to use it, you'll have to disturb someone who does. Most photographers will buddy-up and share schedules and if you are really clued up, you can even leverage favours from other Media Operative to say, knowledge is currency.

So, the general mission is to photograph all of the assigned shows, get your press releases to sending back to your media office and of cause their images. While you are in the mix of extending your network, there is still the quest to tap into the current fashion world's movements, as you will be expected to know what is fashionable and who's who in fashion. Now, when London Fashion Week is all over, my media office is now on my case with request from brides wanting a wedding photographer or clients with the expectation of more photoshoots for their catalogue or magazine. With all this in my case, it's 'we hear you are flying out' and what is the possibility to photographing our collection or fashion models on your travel. In saying all of this, I do have a family which I love very much and I still say thank you to God for their support with my career as a Photographer.

I've gathered a collection of images from LFW S/S13 of a few eventualities and beautiful people during London Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2012.

Photographs by Trevor Fogah Griffiths, iDeLick Media