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Punk up the volume!

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Punk trending just never seems to leave the world of fashion. Last year we saw a surge of motorcyle inspired trends and we began our love affair with the versitile biker jacket. Designers such as Balmain and Balencia punked up their SS2011 catwalks and we saw the biker jacket accompanied by other main staples of punk trending such as safety pins, leather zip detailing and big paraboots. Hair and make up was androgonised and the attitude was loud, brash and up front.

Balencia: source Bing images & Balmain: source

Consequently, all year we have enjoyed a dalliance with biker chic, leather clothing and studded embleshment and this season is no different. In fact, it is even more interesting.

Starting out in the late sixties, peaking in the seventies and early eighties, the punk movement has embodied a no- rules, rebellious dress sense which borrows from a number of different dress disciplines such as military, gothic, biker and fetish.

To pay hommage to key punk stylisers we only have to look towards Malcolm Maclaren and his management of the legendary Sex Pistols. Their record dealing signing outside Buckingham palace, their twarted live performance of 'God save the queen' which was to sail down the themes and perform outside the Houses of Parliament.

Punk embodied an air of dissatisfaction,rebellion and a will to challenge society and its flaws. Creating controversy with its endevour to bring about change, punk often articulated its angst by dressing to shock, raise the odd eyebrow and by refusing to conform to the norms of regular boring dressing.

Now, there is every reason to punk up the volume, make your own rules and get rid of old boring dressing habits this season. With hot leather tops, shorts, skirts and jackets a- plenty in shops, you don't have to look far to bring about our own little piece of warddrobe anachy. Add to this, a little studded embelleshment, a healthy dose of lace, grunge, gothic and this seasons hot tartan ressurgance and you are there!

And, with a lot of cuts still deeply entrenched within the eighties, a style icon to emulate has to be Madonna in her early eighties movie "Desperately seeking Susan." Showcasing , in my opinion, one of her best styled eras, Madonna really pushed the boundaries of dress back then with her own feminine take on punk styling. Mixing old, new, masculine and feminine elements, leather and lace and tousling wild hair, she caused such a stir in that movie that she hi-jacked all the attention from leading actress Rosanna Arquette. Fast forward from 1985 to now and we have exactly the same kind of themes running through our trending selections and there is every reason to seek Susan out and hog the limelight. 

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Be sure to recreate Madonna's retro punk expression look with these key pieces this month. 

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