Thursday, 06 December 2012

Snuggle up in a Sheebie this winter

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The Sheebie, as seen in the Evening Standard newspaper, is brought to you by the woman who launched the Onepiece (onesies) which are now an international success. It combines the two of the most common accessories used in winter, the hat and scarf, and makes it look good!

Hand made in Scotland these cosy, chic Sheebies are all you will need before heading to the streets of Shoreditch for a day out, drinking chocolat chaud after hitting the slopes or simply wrapping up warm for a day out in town.


Well I wanted to find out what everyone was making a fuss about so I asked if I could review the Sheebie and here's what I thought about the Hooded Scarf -Purple and Sky Blue retailed at £99.99...

To me the Sheebie is an unusual fashion accessory in the sense that it is a hoodie and scarf all in one. I was very pleased with the quality and feel and when I put it on I became instantly warmer. I loved the huge pockets situated at the bottom of the scarf ideal for hands, phone, and lip-gloss and so much more.


I was wondering how to actually wear the Sheebie in a fashionable way so I could stand out and thought I'd try to wear it with a coat but felt that it was too bulky and I had difficulty buttoning up my coat which is needed at this time of the year. I must admit it was hard for me to take it off as it was really comfortable. Anyway, I have decided for me it is more suitable for maybe late evening during spring/autumn time, or when I'm driving and don't want to be bothered with a coat or on and chilly evening at home when I just need something around my shoulders to take the chill off.

The Sheebie craze has already begun with the likes of Sadie Frost, Kate Moss and X factor contestants already blogging and taking photos in their very own Sheebies. Glamour and Sunday times & style will be including it in their Christmas magazine.

If you want to be on trend this winter and keep up with the celebs then you need to add a Sheebie to your winter wardrobe.