Tuesday, 01 January 2013

Empress Of Fashion

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Amanda Mackenzie Stuart's 'Empress of Fashion' tells the life story of Diana Vreeland, Vogue's editor in the 1960s.
As an editor, curator and wit, Diana Vreeland made a lasting mark and remains an icon for generations of fashion lovers. During her fifty-year reign as the Empress of Fashion, she launched Twiggy, advised Jackie O and coined some of fashions most eloquent proverbs, such as the bikini is the biggest thing since the atom bomb. She aimed to instruct where possible, to delight, to give pleasure, to bring to the reader what interests her. In this book, the first full-length biography of Vreeland, Amanda Mackenzie Stuart portrays a visionary: a fearless innovator who inspired designers, models, photographers and artists, and who reinvented the way we think about style and where we go to think about it.

A book that must be read by all fashionista's. £13. 99 from Amazon 

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