Wednesday, 02 January 2013

What we thought about Sabi hair removal cream

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We know most women are obsessed with having a hair free body and will spend a considerable amount of money trying to finds the best option for their hair type which could be fine or thick in texture.

The beauty of Sabi is that you can take care of ALL unwanted hair on your body with one product. Sabi can be used on Legs, Arms, Underarms, Bikini areas, Back, Chest and more sensitive areas such as Upper Lip.

Sabi is also loaded with natural ingredients, water, tea tree, Jojoba, almond oil and many more. So if you like using natural products that benefit the skin then try this out.

Sabi Hair removal cream actually smells like all hair removal creams and comes in a tube making it easy to squeeze out the product directly onto the area you want to remove the hair from.

Leg with product on
Leg after product has been removed & looking good

I have very course hair and most hair removal creams suggest leaving the product on for 5 – 7 mins but i find that after this time although most of my hair is removed but some is always left on the leg, underarm or other and this was the case once again with Sabi. It is also suggested that the hair would take about 7 days to grow back but again that would depend of hair type. Also remember to use the Hair Growth Delayer which is designed to delay the growth for up to 21 days.

Although this product did not work 100% on my hair type I would defiantly recommend it for women with fine to medium hair.

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