Sunday, 27 January 2013

Michael, Korrr its cold!

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So, we have been in the freeze of winter for a while now, and most of us are anticipating the return of bright skies, sprouting lillies and sun rays. But sometimes these days just don't come quickly enough, or last long enough in this part of the world,. So much so that we have created a brown/black/grey colour culture for our wardrobe preferences. Rarely are people bold enough to strut in bright colours and display peep-toe heels after sunset.

What will wash away those Autumn/Winter Fashion blues? Michael Kors' (or MK inspired outfits) pre-fall 2013 collection, may. I fell in love with this collection because of the creative blend of different textures. The hybrid of seasons, colours and patterns presented in each item makes Kors are favourite designer this season.

You can also change things up with some River Island ankle boots, and/or Kurt Geiger knee-length boots (below) depending on the outfit. Nothing screams 'chic' like studs; and nothing is as regal as the right elegant knee-length boots, in my opinion.


Micheal Kors pre-fall 2013 collection

Shu Pei Qin

Shu Pie Qin 2

Daria Strokous

Romina Lanaro 

Romina Lanaro

Kora Emmanuel

River Island's black studded stiletto ankle boots

Saskia Kurt Geiger high heel boots