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We know how painful it is to wear the shoes that do not fit perfectly
beige_shoesAs strange as it may sound but over the years we all have come to a problem of choosing the right shoes; and even though we know how painful it is to wear the shoes that do not fit perfectly, we seem to forget the "consequences". Whether you need to choose the right pair of heels for work or for a cocktail party, with the current variety of choices on the market there is no doubt that finding the right pair of heels can be rather difficult even for the most experienced of us.

There are several common mistakes made, however there are number of things that you can do in order to increase your chances of choosing the perfect pair of heels for any situation!

Painful Truth

Even though a pair of shoes may look "gorgeous" on your feet, the truth in the matter is that if they do not fit right, your feet will never feel comfortable wearing them.
If you do not want to experience any type of discomfort from heels, then it is important to remember that you should always choose the size which will fit you best. The slightest bit of doubt, when it comes to a pair of heels fitting the right way, may be more than enough reason to not buy a certain pair of heels.

"High Heeled" Occasions
Shoes_1Needing a pair of heels for a certain occasion does not necessarily mean that you need super high heels. In fact, if you want to choose the most comfortable pair of heels, you will probably want to avoid having too much of a heel at all.

The recommended heel size that you will probably want to go for is within two inches. If you feel comfortable wearing heels that are higher than two inches, you might want to consider the amount of time you'd be spending on them.

It is no longer a secret that the shoes can "make" or "break" the look, therefore while choosing the shoes for any occasion it is essential to consider the type of occasion, and most importantly the texture and style of the dress/outfit as well as it's the shape of the dress/outfit and even your own individual shape.

One very important point that you have to remember while choosing the heels is "The shorter the skirt, the lover the heel"; unless you're "short legged" (your body length is visibly longer that your legs' length). However there is another trick to it, if you do not feel like going "high on heels" you can always wear skin or beige color shoes that will aromatically elongate your leg. If you do have short legs remember to match your shoe color with the color of the "bottoms" that you're wearing".

Do not wear wide shoe stripes if you have "short legs" or "big ankles", and it's best to avoid the shoe stripes all together.

Another point to remember for all leg types, do not wear wide stripes with shorter skirts, the shorter the skirt, the thinner the shoe stripe should be.

If you're wearing trousers or jeans it's better to combine them with the closed toe shoes (especially for the business dress code), however don't forget to balance the rest of the body for an even look.

Going "Thin"
Thin_HeelsWhile the appearance of really thin heels is rather impressive, they do not provide enough support and stability, and it is a major factor of your "shoe comfort". The wedge heel is known for its comfort; however it may appear rather ridiculous if not chooser right. The best option would be, to go for slightly wider heels, or if you still choose to go for a "thin-pin" heels, them make sure you do not walk too much and too often on those, unless you want to undergo a varicose vain treatments when yu are older.

And remember: no matter how comfortable you may feel Stilettos are definitely a "No-No" comfort shoes.

Shoe Comfort solution- The "Arch"

The comfort of the shoes mainly depends on your feet. One of the most common area on your feet that might create a problem is the "Arch". While choosing the shoes keep in mind that if the "arch" does not get enough support, even the lower heels will feel as painful as the 6 inch Stilettos. In many case we buy shoes we "Love" even though they might not have enough 'Arch" support, the solution for that is simple, use insole cushions the ones made of silicon as those will take shape f your foot and make it the most comfortable solution.

Space it up

As silly as it may sound, but each of us at least ones in life bought the shoes we "loved" which were slightly small in size, therefore leaving no space for our toes,
Although it may seem much easier to choose open toe heels, you'd want to make sure that all your toes stay within the shoe and do not slide on the floor while walking. If you're buying pair of sandals, make sure that the stripes are not too tight and neither too loose. Also think of how often you will wear it as the sandal stripes (especially leather ones) might stretch with time, therefore buy it accordingly.
If you're choosing a pair of closed-toe heels, then being able to wiggle your toes is very important.

- It's best to do your shopping after 4pm, as by that time you'd spend enough time on your feet and will get the real size.

- Always buy the Winter Shoes on size (or half size) bigger, as you will be wearing a thicker socks with it.

Stiletto "love- hate" relationship
StilettosLove them or hate them, but walking in Stilettos is a hard work and takes time and "skills". While some of us can't live without them the rest will struggle. The look of Stiletto heeled shoes mainly depends whether you're a "standard" size or not. If you feel like you can't "make it work" your confidence level will fall automatically, therefore if you're not sure about your stiletto choice you can always go for another type of high hilled shoes.

WedgesAs much as I am against them, wedges are the perfect comfort and extra height shoes. If you're petite or below 165cms height, they will not only perfectly go with a skirt, but will also add some length to your legs. Wedges is also the best solution if you're not very confident walking on the "heels". However there is a down side to wedges too, if you don't choose them correctly, wedges may look rather bulky and oversized, so be careful.

PlatformsThe one and probably most important benefit of platforms is that apart from making you effortlessly taller, they also give you a great flexibility with the size of the heel.

Kitten heels
Kitten_HeelsThese are perfect for giving the look of a slight heel but the comfort of a flat. They don't provide a lot of height, but you can get away with walking and standing in them a lot longer than the higher heels. The heel height you chose should be determined by how much discomfort you can stand.

Going low
Flat_ShoesThe best choice for those of you, who were fortunate enough to have been born with long legs and plenty of height, why struggle with the height" when flatter heels go well with almost anything and make you look a lady-like without adding any additional length when you already tall enough.