Monday, 25 February 2013

Fashions most glamorous

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I felt truly favoured to have a front row view of Fashions Finest's London Fashion week shows. Already anticipating a real treat of vibrant Caribbean flavours, urban street wear and couture, I was even more mesmerised to comprehend some truly glamorous clothes exhibited by a number of talented up and coming designers. And, with the Oscars round the corner I took a detour down celebrity-vile.

In my head, pretending for just a minute that I was a fifties movie siren, I had to replay you back my most favourite moments from these collections. And, building that that dream wardrobe for me were talented designers such as Keneea Linton and H.O.D by Gregory Williams from the Jamaican collective, Sara Hegazy, Sonata and Itzy Bitzy Vintage.

Turning the catwalk red as if it led to a film premiere, I caught these two dresses and made a mental note to add them to my wardrobe. The first, this gorgeous black long sleeved sequined number by Keena Linton, capable of transporting the most bold and confident woman to an accolade of Oscars and prestige. The second green sequined dress by Sara Hegazy, equally striking and sexy despite missing a daring plunge neckline, still worthy of equivalent Oscar nominations. Both, taking my breath away. Sara in particular, sweeping me away in a cloud of sequined shimmer with other high points in her collection such as her stunning gold sequined cape attached to a long black maxi. Indeed, if you are as dedicated as me, you will respect the cape with the upmost this year. And having a long sparkling one attached to a dress..., a whole new height of cape appreciation in my world!

A dress for the red carpet is one thing, but a dress for that romantic candle- lit dinner, down -town is another matter. Thankfully H.O.D had all this catered for and indeed, afterwards I learnt that he considered an outfit for every kind of woman in his collection and, with this lovely gorgeous rose petal inspired dress; he had certainly had me covered. Its hemline taking the 'waterfall' to new floral depths of what I can only coin the 'ruched rose petal hem'. A perfect dinner date combination of sex appeal and romance.


Sex and glamour became mere understated words when recounting the exhibits of Sonata in their fifties bedroom glamour apparel fit for the likes of Marilyn Monroe or Liz Taylor featured below.

Photographs by Michael Mba of MIDO photography

And, as if the eyes and expressions of press could tell a story that we probably wouldn't appreciate to hear in its entirety, I could only but absorb the buzz and awe created by these cheeky burlesque creations by Itzy Bitzy Vintage. 

Photographs by Michael mba at MIDO Photography

I just love the way that this peep- hole bra combo is tastefully executed and completed by this chiffon gown. It's yellow and nude shades complemented perfectly by the skin tones of the model.

Talented designers behind the brand, Oonagh and Tracy also exhibited models wearing nipple tassels and corsets in gorgeous shades like lime green and aubergine. Sheer film- star quality originating from a love of vintage fabrics and timeless glamour.


All in all, everything we would all dream of to complete that red carpet look from start to finish. Wardrobe complete, job done! 

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