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We're doing our own thing, we don't care if you mind!

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Going to see a show or maybe a couple of shows was the rage for the many that visited at London Fashion Week Autumn and Winter 2013. And if you where not able to acquire a ticket and you did your best to be part of a show, then you will be fully understood where we are coming from.

Much of the focus for this London Fashion week was about affordable designs that took into consideration today's economical climate. The exceptions being the more opulent shows where high end of fashion normally designed with celebrities and dignitaries. But looking at the whole thing from a mainstream fashion point of view, there seem to be more of an interest in do your own thing. This was very much like telling the market that you're going this way and we are heading off into the other direction. Fashion week was without a doubt the designers telling the high street to catch up or be left behind. And the fashion fab followers were just saying to the retail market that you took the wrong turn somewhere.

During this cold period of February, out on the street was much about that big coat or that very warm and laden jumper. It was in the accessory department that took even me by surprise where outfits were finished with trinkets with an international flavour. Images from Fashion Photographer, Videographer and Blogger Trevor Fogah Griffiths presents images that looks at the 'going this way' and 'not your way' fashion accessories worn by visitors...






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