Thursday, 11 April 2013

Marc Jacobs’ big new client is not exactly a human being...

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Marc Jacobs' latest project for Louis Vuitton is definitely different - he's dressing a hologram, or more precisely Hatsune Miku.

Miku is what's described as a 3D 'Vocaloid', and despite the fact that she's a holographic projection with a computer-generated voice, she's one of Japan's biggest popstars and regularly sells out huge stadiums.

Louis Vuitton sketches for Miku's costumes. Photo : Louis Vuitton

The team behind Miku has decided to make a departure from her normal pop style and her most recent project is a stage opera called 'The End'. She is also reinventing her wardrobe, swapping her usual school-girl outfit for this year's hottest trend: Louis Vuitton checks. Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuitton's creative director was called upon to dress her for her big debut. He designed several funky looks for the 3D superstar to wear on stage, choosing looks from Louis Vuitton's chequered spring/summer 2013 collection, and completing the look with cute hair bows, statement handbags and feminine flats.

Miku's costume on the catwalk. Photo: Rex

Marc Jacobs is renowned for his bold moves in the fashion industry and recently revealed the most important thing about being a designer is to trust your instincts.

He said: ''I never looked at the down side. It taught me that you have to trust your instincts and do what's in your heart."

''I didn't set out to be a rebel but there's a kind of integrity that's much more rewarding than any kind of negativity."

''You sleep better at night when you do what you feel rather than doing something you think someone else might like.''

The show debuted in Japan last December and is now going on tour due to its huge popularity. It is reported to hit Tokyo in May and Paris in November.

I have to say this is the first time I am very jealous of a hologram!

Written by Rose Humble