Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Christian Louboutin - why his shoes cost so much..

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What girl doesn't have a weakness for shoes, and most of us justify buying a few special (ridiculously expensive but fabulous) pairs as an 'investment'. Guilty? Yes me 2. But I am sure you have noticed that over the last few years shoes like everything else, shoes have been getting more and more expensive. But soaring sales show that this hasn't deterred shoe lovers, with women still willing to pay up to look and feel glamorous and confident.

But according to Christian Louboutin, rising shoe prices are due to rising production and material costs. "It is more expensive to make shoes now," he tells theTimes, "and it's for a very boring reason."

He goes on to cite the Euro's strength against the dollar and growing competition for materials from Asian factories, all of which make it more expensive to produce shoes in Europe. Some luxury companies are even buying their own tanneries to cut costs. Louboutin say his own production costs have actually doubled over the past five years — which explains why the famous red soled shoes are now leaving an even bigger dent in your bank balance!

Just as you tell yourself you can't possibly spend that so much on shoes regardless of the exchange rate mumbo jumbo, Mr Louboutin releases a new collection and leaves us living on baked beans as we save up for our next fix of sparkle.. well every girl has their weakness!

Feast your eyes on these beauties available to buy now, or just drool over!

Louboutins Silver diamante
Louboutins pink strappy
Louboutins White Ankle  straped bow shoe
Louboutins orange snnake print  shoe
Louboutins Low heeled  shoe
Louboutins Long Black boot
Louboutins leapord shoe
Louboutins Grey diamante platform Shoe
Louboutins Bronze snnake print  shoe
Louboutins Black Studded ankle boot
Louboutins Black Patient shoe
Louboutins Black and Gold trim shoe
Louboutins Aqua  shoe
Written by Rose Humble