Monday, 01 July 2013

Nigerian Television Fashion Show

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The Nigerian Television Fashion Show took place on the 30th June and it was nice to attend as a guest.

It is so hard trying to watch a show and not want to say I would have done this differently or that differently. My inner voice keeps telling me to keep quiet and just watch the show - too hard to do, I am screaming inside.

I guess this is one of the reasons why people like me are needed to continue to push the industry to the next level.

Ps: there are some stupidly hot shows in Nigeria that even I am learning things from, but its only the odd one or two in terms of what I am learning from them and most of the time when that happens the events have brought in a foreign crew to put it together.

I am going off point but my aim with each review is to also let you know what it is like working in as well as what is happening in the Nigerian entertainment industry.

Anyway back to the Nigerian Television Fashion Show which was done by exquisite of Galaxy TV. The most interesting thing about the show is that it was done in Oregun (sorry not in the mood to give you a Lagos geography lesson - but its like instead of doing a show in the West End you do it in
Tottenham) which is outside of the main entertainment area - very brave. But as I say that, it is a full house and I think a lot people in Nigeria need to recognise the fact that the Island is not the only place in Lagos and the masses is where the real money is. I will not charge you for that free piece of business advice.

The show featured a lot of new designers and I think the aim was to give new and aspiring designers a chance to shine and I think on that account it succeeded.

I have been warned not to be too mouthy in Nigeria so I am trying to be more diplomatic in my views and choice of words - yeah right.

The thing that worried me the most about the show is that it has been going for about nine years and it should be a lot further on then it is, I think it's about time Mr Mahogany stepped in.

Check out some of the pictures from the show.