Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Meet the New skool of designers!

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As you know, we are here to support and promote new talent and, at a time when university comes at a price, it's inspiring to see students on BTEC and HND courses producing equally worthy work. Earlier this month, I had the pleasure of watching the West Nottinghamshire Colleges 'Create' fashion event and meeting designers who will most definitely be shaping our future wardrobe choices. Finest readers take note welcome your nu school of designers featured below.



A just seventeen years of age, final year BTEC level 3 Fashion design and Textiles student, Nicola McFarlane, packed a thought provoking punch with her dark and sombre collection, "state 52" inspired by death. Not wanting to conform and produce "boring" clothes, she went against all advice to "tone" her collection down, choosing to amp up the shock factor instead! A revolutionist, with a desire to stand out in the fashion world, Nicola is far from ever being boring. Championing at design and knitwear, and drawing inspiration from designers such as Elliot Evan, Yohji Kamamoto and Kenzo, Nicola is headed for Liverpool's John Moores University this September. I have no doubt that this will not be the last we hear from her with this flair for design and controversial statement.


Libby Pincott

At just eighteen years of age, Final year BTEC level 3 Fashion Design and Textiles student Libby Pincott from Mansfield is going many worthy places. Believing that there should be no right or wrong in fashion and that people should be able to wear whatever makes them feel good in themselves, she likes to design clothing that makes people feel fabulous and not uncomfortable within themselves.

Taking her dress sense from a range of celebrities such as Cara Delavigne's festival look and admiring Rihanna's knack of adding her own twist to the simplest of clothes, it's all about shade and individuality for Libby. Basing her final major project on this year's unpredictable weather, dark and rainy with the odd spec of sun light, she constructed her collection around a monochrome scheme representing the clouds in most UK skies this year.

Despite having a real flair for manufacture and tailoring clothing, it is styling however, marketing and fashion photography that really take her interest. Fascinated by the psychology behind fashion photography and its power of "sell" clothes by giving people the impression that they can look like a supermodels in them, she wants to support designers to "sell" their clothing by replacing the 'supermodel-dream' with a more realistic and empowering 'feel-good' focus instead.

In pursuit of these humanitarian dreams, she plans to study a foundation course in Fashion photography next year and then, after that, her dream is to study for a degree in fashion photography and one day open up her own fashion photography studio. With such a caring, well-meaning and ambitious drive, I'm sure she will go far.

Libbys stormy Nephology collection